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Since the beginning of time, man has dug within the earth to find useful tools for it’s survival.
Citrine is very scarce, which could be the reason that it is not mentioned until the first century B.C.
Specimens of low grade, inexpensive amethyst or smoky quartz are often cooked at high temperatures to produce the more profitable orange yellow citrine.
Citrines whose colors have been produced by artificial means tend to have much more of an orange or reddish cast than those found in nature, which are usually a pale yellow. Much of the natural citrine may have started out as amethyst but heat from nearby magmatic bodies may have caused the change to citrine. Interestingly, a popular gemstone on the market is a mixture of half amethyst and half citrine and is given the name ametrine. Unfortunately for citrine it is often confused with the more expensive orange-yellow topaz and is at times sold as topaz by unscrupulous dealers.
This practice has soured many potential citrine fanciers who see citrine as a fake topaz and not as a legitimate gemstone. November born individuals, are blessed with two ruling Birthstones, the revered Topaz and the gentle, healing Citrine. The topaz is known for its associated qualities of strength, tenacity, dedication and resilience. The Citrine is a golden hued gemstone that encourages vitality and promotes good health of the wearer. According to legend, the Topaz was believed to control heat, having the power to cool boiling water and consequently, anger in a person, cutting through their despair, rage or confusion and lending clarity of thought to the wearer of the gemstone. In the times of old, the Romans associated the Topaz with their Sun God and the largest planet of our Solar system, Jupiter.
Citrine is a variety of quartz exhibiting an array of colors ranging from pale yellow to brown. The topaz is reputed to be extremely effective for health problems and is believed to cure blood disorders, insomnia, gout, tuberculosis and control anger bouts arising out of insanity. The citrine has similar healing powers and enhances mental clarity, stimulates the memory, cures disorders related to the heart, kidneys and liver. The topaz, November birthstone exhibits beautiful colors, intensity and brilliance along with a harness that is ideal for insets in necklaces and other jewelry items.
The most famous, prized and expensive topaz stone is the Imperial topaz, named for the Russian Czars of the 1800.
The parameters that define the value of the citrine are the intensity and saturation of color that the gemstone possesses. This beautiful Porcelaine 150 Ceramic shade is called Citrine, and comes from a company called Pebeo.

Please note that the Art Supply Retailers affiliated here DO NOT carry all of the paints listed! Disclaimer: The Information on this Website is provided for general reference purposes only. Inspired by natural geode crystal formations, this simple modern pendant is hand fabricated from sterling and has gorgeous citrine chips set into the silver dome with a high strength water-clear resin that bonds the stone and reflects the colors of the crystal. Please note: these pieces should not be worn in the shower or pool as it can affect the resin set. The warm, fiery colors that exude from this precious stone are off the Van Gogh painting of the sunflowers.
The Romans were noted as the first to wear it, where they would fashion the stone into a style that is referred to, cabochon.
The stone was believed to be symbolic of the Egyptian Sun God Ra, with its brilliant golden glow and fiery intensity.
While the topaz is associated with passion, intensity and determination, the Citrine has taken on the more gentle qualities of men; peace, prosperity, loyalty, healing and creativity.
The this November birthstone is believed to balance emotions and thoughts for a harmonious lifestyle.
Despite the stone having golden hues, it is still likened to the lemon, deriving its name from the word for lemon in French. Natural citrines are very rare, these gemstones are created when the Amethyst and smoked quartz are heat treated.  It is extremely difficult to tell a cut citrine apart from a yellow topaz visually. The purest topaz gemstone is colorless with a tinge of color owing to impurities.  Colors exhibited by the topaz range from  wine to pale gray, yellow to  blue-brown and reddish-orange.
At low temperatures, the color changes from a light yellow to golden yellow, while at higher temperatures the stone acquires a dark yellow or brown-red color. Australia, Mexico, Afghanistan, Japan, Myanmar, Russia, Madagascar, Namibia, United States, Pakistan, Ukraine and Zimbabwe are important sources and exporters of the topaz gemstone. The Topaz is believed to promote clarity of thought, enhance one’s creativity, relax the mind and body and aid in tissue repair and regeneration. The darker, orange variants of the November gemstone are called the Madeira Citrines after the wine and are the in high demand.
Their product number, along with the HTML color code, RGB, and CMYK codes are listed below.
For this style, the citrine first would be polished to a most brilliant shine and then the pieces of the unfaceted stone would be fashioned into their jewels.
The gemstone is used to enhance spirituality, promote wisdom and cut through troubles and confusion to bestow clear thought and reasoning prowess on the wearer of the stone.
The stones have longed been believed to bring hope, strength, vitality and energy to the wearer.

An interesting although strange belied entailed that the topaz engraved with a Falcon enabled the wearer to cultivate the goodwill of emperors and kings, thus bestowing peace and prosperity to the land. Earthy, Radiant And Impressive. The stone can be made to exhibit certain colors with laboratory treatment to display white, blue, gold, pink, reddish-yellow, pale green or colorless tones and opaque or transparent qualities. Citrine is also found in the Ural mountains of Russia, Madagascar, France, Uruguay, Hungary, Bolivia and the United States.
The other gemstone variant is the lemon colored stone, the current favorite in gemstone markets.  Citrine stones are available in pear, round, marquise, oval and square cuts, fitting well into a range of jewelry.
This Beautiful Shade of Citrine and others can be found in the Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Art Paint Gallery! It is considered to having medicinal qualities used to remedy kidney and urinary complications.
During the Romantic Period, artisans would utilize the warmth of the citrine to enhance the color gold jewelry. In Japan they are traditionally exchanged between friends, symbolizing an invaluable friendship, resembling the virtue shared between the pair.
The topaz was often used in the crowns and rings worn by rulers, diplomats, dignitaries and royalty. Both the second and the third theory are being explored as the  terms predate the Greek term for the topaz.
Owing to the strong chemical bonds in the mineral, the gemstone is among the hardest silicates, occurring in a variety of sizes, from tiny crystals to massive rocks. The most expensive topaz is the red topaz, owing to the rarity of red stones of this family. Also be sure to browse through the other wonderful Professional Color Galleries to see more of Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Ceramic Porcelain, Pottery, Bisque, Greenware Brand Paints and other Paint Manufacturers. No Content or Images from this Site may be downloaded, or copied, republished, reproduced, or stored, posted, transmitted, sold or distributed in any type of medium whatsoever, without the prior written permission of me, the copyright owner. Throughout time it has been extensively utilized to improve the function of ones heart and digestive system. This Site does not warrant, or accept any responsibility or liability for, the accuracy, completeness, omissions, errors or misleading statements of the content or for any loss which may arise from reliance on this Site. The vibrant color and “fire” of the citrine has always been symbolic of healing in general, as fire represents power and strength.

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