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Window film provides the comfort, style and solar protection that keeps you driving cool, & at the same time, your car looking great.
Our high-tech window films protect your home's furnishings and provides increased comfort and privacy for you and your family. At Classic Tint USA of Fort Smith, AR, we're your local, family owned and operated window tinting company, proudly serving Fort Smith, AR and the surrounding areas since 1990.
We're dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, and only use the highest quality products.
Classic Tint USA of Fort Smith, AR specializes in auto window tinting, residential window tinting, and commercial or office building window tinting.
Window tinting stops 99 percent of all ultra-violet (UV) rays and rejects up to 81 percent of the suna€™s heat. Tinted windows protect your valuables and can save you thousands of dollars by protecting furniture, floors, drapes and artwork from fading.
We take great pride in our work and that shines through in the quality of service and workmanship you'll get when you choose Classic Tint USA! We take great pride in our work and that shines through in the quality of service and workmanship you'll get when you choose us. Your One-Stop Source For All Your Car, Residential & Commercial Window Tinting Needs In Fort Smith. If you want your windows professionally tinted with the best film in the industry for the best price a€“ then look no further! Located in Fort Smith, Classic Tint USA, we provide our services to cars, residential and commercial customers. Ventura Salon and Day Spa is Fort Lauderdale's most respected salon and spa for beauty services including hair, makeup, massage, nails, facials & waxing. Rest assured that you will recieve the best skin care treatments by our licensed staff whether it is just one treatment, or a day at the spa. For dull, sluggish skin & all skin exposed to normal daily pollutants (cigarette smoke, air pollution).
Ventura Pamper PlanSteam, Massage, Facial, Body Polish with Hydrating Milk, Shampoo & Style, Make-Up Application.
Based in Saint-Malo Cedex (France),Phytomer brings together the mostadvanced biological ingredients with state-of-the-art technologyfor the finest in skin care.
Our classic, the best-selling Jane is our ultimate everyday bag that will take you from work to dinner to weekend, season after season. I am writing this review after having owned the Jane for over a year and using it on a daily basis as my primary bag.
What I like the best though is that the bag seems to be able to hold whatever I need it to as long as I will it to do so.
As for the nylon, I've definitely gotten used to that and the bag still looks great a year later.

This bag was given to me as a gift and it's probably one of the best gifts I have ever received!
Jane is my loyal friend--holds everything I need for my commute into NYC but I can carry it on the weekends too-- just the right size for weekend errands. I always know I have everything I need with me and can confidently go from activity to the next.
Are you a "big bag" girl who sometimes wishes you could carry a shoulder bag, but you hate to have to pare down the amount of "stuff" you tote?
The only thing is when the bag is full of stuff, the straps can feel hard on the shoulder and can sometimes slip off. I used my great looking Jane bag for traveling overseas and I can't overstate how terrific it was to have a "filing cabinet" with me!
All in all, I would recommend this product to anyone looking to maximize her storage in style! Still my favorite, even though I have tried a couple of other versions because the one big drawback is the rolled straps which can get uncomfortable when traveling. Please put comfortable leather straps on the Jane for a travel version and it would indeed be perfect. All information, specifications, data, details, description and price are subject to change without notice. Please contact the dealer selling this vehicle for complete, accurate, up-to-date information. Tinted windows can also reduce your energy costs, solar heat gain, glare and provide safety and security from broken glass and vandalism by being an anti-graffiti film for windows and storefronts. Natural solutions from the ocean's depths and the coastlines of France are found to restore a youthful texture and radiance to the skin. Those who are oily, congested, prone to breakouts or acne will find balance with this therapeudic yet relaxing facial.
Whether iot's crow's feet, dark circles, or excess baggage, the eye area shows signs of aging and fatigue first. Small enough to manage with other pieces of luggage and large enough to hold everything I need.
There is a place for everything, looks great with jeans or a dress, and can fit a zillion items and not feel too heavy or too bulky.
Stows work necessities to keep me organized all week with pockets left over for baby gear and date night essentials. Lots of room for everything, pockets to stow items separately and a pretty pink lining so nothing gets lost. To counterqact these factors, this facial incorporates Marine Breeze serum with its exclusive algae extract, Phormidiane, to deeply clean, excapsulate, and neeutralize pollutants before they come into contact with the skin.
Pictured in our signature black Bedford Nylon, with custom MZ Wallace gold hardware and finished with our signature red edge-dye, perfect for year-round wear.

I loved how classy the bag looked - from the black nylon to the leather handles, the red trim and the gold hardware. Now that I have a newborn, I am using this as a diaper bag, and it looks so chic and totally not like a diaper bag! Finally, a specifically formulated toning mask reduces the depth of wrinkles and resusitates the skin's natural firmness, while free radicals (the primary cause of aging) are outsmarted to curb premnature aging. Then the skin is layered with purifying, sanitizing serums enriched with marine ingredients that help regulate oil production and kill the bacteria that causes breakouts. An intensly oxygenating plasticing mask increases cellular activity and detoxifies, leaving formerly exhausted skin bright, regenerated, energized, and once again able to defend itself from environmental aggressors. Things I love, the chic look, the lightweight feel due to the nylon, the great construction, the sturdiness. I have even used it as an overnight bag :-) I have 2 MZ Wallace bags now and plan to add more to my collection! Finally, a mask absorbs impurities and delivers ingredients deepinto the skin so that a bright, even, clear complexion can emerge. This is followed by a supple, comfortine eye compress that delivers therapeudic elements for multi-level improvement of the delicate eye tissue. We welcome you to experience the difference of this luxury skin care line known internationally and throughout the the most prestigeous spas.Phytomer products are sold exclusivelyat the Ventura Salon Spa.
I was too shy to ask what the brand was so I kept squinting my eyes until I finally saw - MZ Wallace. I looked it up right away but since I was still a student back then, I couldn't afford to buy that Jane bag. The long pocket on the back is perfect for a pair flops when your heels are killing your feet. I am a handbag-aholic and this is definitely going to be a permanent staple in my collection. Now that I have been working for some time now, I surely will treat myself to an MZ Wallace Jane bag! Three colleagues bought the same bag after seeing mine - two got black and one got the Flax which is beautiful for summer.
This bag doubles as a diaper bag, snack bag, toy bag, laptop bag, every day run out to the store bag.
I bought this bag over a year ago and it's still holding up as though I bought it yesterday, and it has been around the world many times, holding a full load of items.

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