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Middle aged male presented with 2-month history of right hearing loss and auditory canal polyp protruding from the ear. Patient presented with right-sided conductive hearing loss with a history of left-sided surgery: On the high resolution CT of the temporal bones, focal bony lucencies are seen bilaterally at the fissula antefenestram(curved arrows) in keeping with fenestral otosclerosis. Below is a brief description of the various causes and their appearances on high resolution CT of the temporal bones. Keratosis obturans: Is caused by abnormal accumulation and obstruction of the bony external auditory canal from desquamated keratin without erosive bony changes.
Imaging demonstrates homgenous soft tissue within EAC with bony expansion but no destruction. CT demonstrates osseous destructive changes which is crucial as bony invasion predicts treatment outcome. These are rare and cause hearing loss either by narrowing of the EAC or middle ear or involve the otic capsule.Fig. Absent stapedial reflex and Carhart's notch ( air-bone gap on audiogram)is not always seen.
On CT Fenestral otosclerosis(FOto) is seen as a radiolucent focusat the anterior margin of oval window in the early phase.

Ossific membrane seen overlying the oval window with superior migration of the facial nerve recess where the oval window should be. Being able to show patients their disease and its proximity to vital structures is also valuable during the consenting process for a surgical procedure. 2 clicks for more privacy: On the first click the button will be activated and you can then share the poster with a second click.
A novel automated tool for calculating upper airways volume in patients with isolated Pierre Robin Sequence (IPRS).
The Cochlear™ professionals site is a specialised resource centre for hearing health and other professionals.
Ticking 'Remember my selection' will make sure you are returned to this country website again the next time you visit. Being able to offer patients a broad range of hearing solutions is the key to delivering the best patient outcomes. To refer patients that you find suitable for a Cochlear Baha hearing solution, contact a clinic in your area.
Making a noise about cochlear implants- February 2016 On International Cochlear Implant Day, Thursday, February 25, Cochlear Europe Ltd in the UK, together with implant centres around the country, will be celebrating how this technology has changed and impacted individuals’ lives who have severe to profound hearing loss.

11: Patient with bilateral ossicular prostheses presented with right sided conductive hearing loss. 18: Agressive soft tissue mass in the post surgical (canal wall down mastoidectomy) right EAC .
High resolution CT of the temporal bones revealed extensive calcification of the tympanic membrane on the right(arrow)in keeping with myringosclerosis. Whether you would like to know the latest news and events or need to access to the latest professional and consumer product information - you will find it here.
You should visit your Cochlear country website for the most accurate information specific to your location. MIP images from high resolution CT of the temporal bones revealed an incudo-stapedial( prosthetic) dislocation( block arrow). 3: Luminal soft tissue filling the external auditory canal(arrow) is seen on the left in keeping with wax.

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