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Wrestling fans have been left to throw theories around of what this could mean, with an episode of Raw scheduled for tomorrow it looks like anybody who's interested is going to have to wait in anticipation for the episode to air, for the answers to this mystery. Raw comes straight on air, no opening graphic, no music, no fireworks, just Vince McMahon stood in the centre of the ring with a microphone in his hand.
VKM: So with that in mind I have decided to send Jeremy Piven back to Hollywood and install myself as the face of Monday Night Raw, so I can give you fans the best damn product you can see anywhere! VKM: And the Attitude Era is when I was under my toughest competition, but now I don't have any competition left. VKM: And I've been racking my brain trying to think, who could possibly compete with me, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.
VKM: I thought, why give Paul Heyman ECW back, when the most he could do with it last time was run some low budget bingo hall! VKM: So, then I had to re-think, who could take ECW and give me a run for my money with it?
VKM: Wait a minute dammit, I'm doing this for you, for all of you, to make the product better. Cole: Wait a minute king, I hear there's something going on backstage and we've got a camera out there. VKM: The first of which, will feature the WWE Divas Champion, Mickie James going up against the WWE Woman's Champion, Michelle McCool. VKM: The second unification match that we'll have will be The WWE United States Champion, Kofi Kingston taking on the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio Jr. VKM: And the third of which, will feature the WWE Champion Randy Orton taking on the World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy. VKM: Which leads me to our first match of the evening, it's Raw's Cruiserweight title qualifying match and that's next.
Action: A fast-paced match with Evan Bourne leading the action with lots of high-risk move, which Jamie Noble attempted to duplicate, with no avail to comedic affect. Lillian: On his way to the ring right now, from Perry, Oklahoma weighing in at 260 pounds, Jack Swagger. Lillian: And his opponent from Patterson, New Jersey, weighing in at 227 pounds, Santino Marella. Action: Swagger starts the match heavy-handedly and Santino manages to duck his attack, but Swagger gains the upper hand by naling Santino with a boot. Cole: Jack Swagger with an impressive performance here tonight, we'll be bak after these messages.
Action: The Miz starts strong, hitting Masters with a boot to the mid-section as soon as he gets in the ring. Lawler: I don't wanna talk about that, let's go to Jillian Hall backstage with the WWE United States Champion, Kofi Kingston.
Kofi: Well Jillian, that of course is massive news, but first and foremost I've gotta stay focused on what's in front of me and that is my triple threat match tonight against Carlito and MVP.
Lillian: The following match, is a non-title, triple threat match and is scheduled for one fall. Lillian: And his opponent, first from Jamacia, he is the current WWE United States Champion, Kofi Kingston. Lillian: And finally, making his way to the ring, from Miami, Florida, Montel Vontavious Porter, MVP!
Jillian: Randy Orton, in 3 weeks time at Summerslam you have a title unification match, to crown the first ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion, what do you make of Vince McMahon's announcement? Orton: To tell you the truth Jillian, I couldn't be happier, this gives me the chance to prove that I am the single, best wrestler in the WWE today, I am going to beat Jeff Hardy and take my place a-top of the WWE. Jillian: Well, what do you think of your match tonight, when Legacy take on Mark Henry, John Cena & Triple H?
Lillian: The following match is a 6-man tag and is scheduled for one fall, first making his way to the ring from Silsbee, Texas, weighing in at 390 pounds, he is the Worlds Strongest Man, Mark Henry. Steph: Christian, I'm going to give you the night off, I already know how god you are and I'm keeping you we'll see you next week. Steph: Now, for the rest of you, you'll face off against each other in a fatal-four-way match and that's next! Mathews: I think it's safe to say that Sheamus will have done enough here to keep his job on ECW.
Stryker: Yeah, but I wonder who hasn't impressed Stephanie here tonight, let's go over to Gregory Helmes backstage, he is with the new leader of ECW Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

Chimel: And his opponent from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 250 pounds, Tyler Reks. Action: Tyler starts off strong attacking Jackson with rights and left, Reks then has Jackson on the ropes as he attempts to Irish-whip him, Jackson reverses it, Reks hits the ropes and comes back to the middle and it met by a huge clothesline. Chimel: Ladies and gentleman the following match is a tag-team match and has a 20 minute time limit. Chimel: And their opponents, on their way to the ring from Yonkers, New York and Gifu, Japan respectively, Tommy Dreamer and Yoshi Tatsu. Action: Regal and Burchill are taking their turns tagging in and out working on Dreamer until Burchill has Dreamer in a head lock and Dreamer back-body drops Burchill.
Stryker: Ah, he does what he has to, to get the win and in this game, that's all that matters, anyway, next up is our main event, make sure to stay tuned and we'll be back after these messages. Action: Goldust tries playing mind games on Kozlov throughout the match, patting Kozlov on the butt any chance he gets, or holding his hand during submission holds which forces the release. Cole: Hello ladies and gentleman, welcome to WWE Superstars, I'm Michael Cole and I'm joined at ringside with my broadcast colleagues Josh Mathews and Todd Grisham. Grisham: That's right Michael and tonight we've got a great show with 4 great matches for the great WWE fans. Mathews: In those matches we're gunna be seeing 3 ECW superstars in action tonight, when Vladamir Kozlov takes on Primo Colon. Helms: Wow, that's big news, how did you come to the decision to trade Jamie Noble & Festus for Tyler Reks? Steph: Well, you see Gregory, I gave everyone on the ECW roster a chance to impress me on Tuesday and Tyler was far from impressive, so I offered him to both my father and my brother and when dad came in with an offer of 2 superstars, I accepted. Shane: Well the simple fact of the matter is, I've not had enough time to evaluate my own roster, so as of yet, I don't know who I want to keep and who I want to trade. Cole: Yeah and Raw now has Tyler Reks, but let's turn are attention to the action in the ring.
Action: Primo starts the action at a high speed attacking Kozlov with quick drop-kicks, but it barely budges Kozlov. Action: Calrito and R-Truth take turns exchanging forearms and fists, Carlito ends up with the upper hand Irish-whipping R-Truth into the ropes and meeting him with a back-body-drop, Carlito then applies a headlock. Action: Mike Knox shows a dominating performance, Knox shows some good power moves, hitting Christian with a variety of different slams. Shane: Also, like my sister Stephanie said on Tuesday night, I'm going to be taking a long hard look at everyone on my roster tonight. Shane: Then whomever I see, isn't up to the standard I want for Smackdown, you'll be traded! Shane: So that left me mad, so mad that at the end of the show I got in the ring and let Mike Knox know exactly what I though of him and then I went to the back and did the same to R-Truth and Kung Fu Naki, who both lost their matches last night. Shane: And up next, Yoshi Tatsu will make his Friday Night Smackdown debut a cruiserweight battle royal invitational match! Action: The match gets under way and there's bodies flying all over the place, Dolph Ziggler starts the match strong by quickly tossing Jesse out of the ring. Eve: Hi, I'm Eve and here with me is the man who will represent Smackdown at the main event at Summerslam, Jeff Hardy! Eve: Hey, I was just wondering, what are your thought about facing Randy Orton in the World Title Unification Match at Summerslam. Jeff Hardy: Tonight is a special night, the first night that Shane McMahon is in charge of Friday Night Smackdown and what could be more special than Champion Vs. Action: A very cagey match, with Smith showing his superior speed and strength, hitting Finley with a particularly good running knee-lift and a big scoop-slam, but ultimately, Finlay shows his experience, tempting DH Smith onto the outside, where Finlay whips Smith into the steps, before tossing Smith back into the ring and hitting him with the celtic cross for the 3 count.
Sheamus: I think it's great, I get to be on a far better show than I was on before, plus now I get to work for Shane McMahon. Roberts: Ladies and gentleman, the next match is scheduled for one fall and had a 20 minute time limit.
Action: Morrison uses the match, to show of his library of unorthodox manoeuvres and CM Punk displays his craftiness. Action: A very short match, Melina dominates the match, nailing Neidhart with a number of gymnastic like moves. Action: The match is very stop-start, with Jericho exiting the ring every time Hardy starts to build some offence, but Hardy turns the tables, when Jericho has the upper hand, Hardy ducks out of the ring and Jericho begins complaining to the referee.
Action: We come back to see Jericho with the upper hand, but Hardy quickly has a burst of adrenaline and cross-bodies Jeircho, knocking them both out of the ring. Wrestling fans participate in active discussion on all the major wrestling leagues and events including WWE, ECW & TNA pay per view events, live wrestling streams, wrestling video games, collectibles, and other wrestling related products and services. Yesterday morning I was at home, lying in bed with my wife Linda when she asked me a question, now this wasn't just any question, as I'm sure you would have guessed and this isn't the type of question you hear very often, but it is the type of question every man must face in his lifetime.

Starting now, there will be a 3 week long transfer window, where myself, Shane & Stephanie can choose to make trades with our talent. In fact we're going to crown a new WWE Cruiserweight champion, when we'll have a triple-threat match, with one man from Raw, one man from ECW and one man from Smackdown.
The match ended when Noble throws Primo into the barricades and sees Bourne hit a moonsault on Chavo and gets a 1, 2 but Noble then nails Bourne out of the ring and climbs the ropes himself and attempts a moonsault, but as he jumps, Bourne pulls Chavo out of the ring leaving Noble to land flat on his face, Bourne then climbs the ropes again and this time hits a 450 splash on Noble and covers him for the 1, 2, 3.
Swagger then dominates the match with multiple submission holds and finally hoists Santino to his feet and then nails him with a gut-wrench powerbomb for the 3 count. The Miz dominates the first minute until Masters manages to reverse a sleep-hold into a back-body-drop. I am indeed here with the United States champion Kofi Kingston, and Kofi, what do you make of the huge announcement from Vince McMahon earlier tonight, that your going to be in a title unification match with Rey Mysterio Jr at Summerslam. But, being just 3 weeks away from that match at Summerslam, I just gotta hope I don't get injured and seing as my title isn't on the line I can relax a little more, but still, it's going to be a tough one, they're both tough competitors.
Kofi, then lifts MVP to his feet, and whips him into the ropes, Kofi attempts a cothesline, but MVP ducks and hits the ropes again, but this time when MVP bounces back into the middle of the ring Kofi hits trouble in paradise and covers him, 1,2 3. DiBiase then enters the ring and they both begin working on Henry, but Henry is strong and stubborn and is working a good defence until Rhodes hits a low-blow and the pair clothesline Henry out of the ring through the middle rope, as the ref comes to, DiBiase leaves the ring and the ref makes the count and Henry is counted out. Sheamus whips Ryder into the ropes and and when he comes back he throws him up in the air and pancakes him. With both Burchill and Dreamer grounded, they both struggle to reach their partners and as Regal and Tatsu both get the tag. Regal then floors Tatsu with a big fist and applies the Regal stretch and Tatsu has no choice but to tap out.
On his way to the ring from Hollywood, California, weighing in at 260 pounds, The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust. On his way to the ring, one half of the WWE World Tag Team Champions, representing Raw, The Big Show!
Show finished the match with a guerilla-press-slam before lifting Funaki up for a show-stopper with massive force. Kozlov then takes the upper hand on Primo and takes him in a bear-hug, he begins to add more pressure and pressure until Goldust walks down the ramp, Kozlov spots Goldust and bolts out of the ring, the referee begins a count, but Goldust decides to leave, Kozlov then climbs back into the ring, but as he attempts to pick Primo off the floor, Primo hooks in a small-package and get the 3 count. Yoshi Tatsu then makes his way back to the ring and breaks up the action, Tatsu and Carlito begin to criss-cross in the ring, until Tatsu manages to arm-drag Carlito out of the ring.
Christian also manages some good offence, the highlight being a beautiful European-uppercut which Stuns Knox.
I'm more than happy to face Randy Orton at Summerslam, if that's what I have to do, to prove that I am the best there is in the company, then so be it, I'll fight anyone for the right to call myself the WWE's top player. The highlight of the match was when Hardy hit a stumbling Kane with a beautiful DDT, but Kane managed to lift the shoulder at the 2 count. The match ends we Morrison misses a split-legged corkscrew moonsault and CM Punk gains the upper hand, first delivering a number of vicious kicks and then nailing him with the Go 2 Sleep before covering him for the 3. Melina thinks she has the match won after hitting Neidhart with a big kick to the neck, but as the referee counts reaches 2, Tyson Kidd pulls him out of the ring, the ref immediately calls for the bell and rules the match a no-contest. And what I mean by that is, I think we have too many titles in the WWE, so at Summerslam we're going to have 3, count them 3 title unification matches.
Masters then builds up a-head-of-steam before applying his Masterlock and Miz begins to scream ?I Quit!
Finally Jackson lift Reks up onto his shoulders and applies a torture wrack, within seconds Reks begins to tap-out.
Kozlov then Irish-whips Goldust into the corner, when he goes for a splash in the corner, Goldust moves and kisses Kozlov, Kozlov then goes crazy and sprints out of the corner attempting to clothesline Goldust, but he misses and as he turns to attack Goldust again, Goldust puckers his lips and Kozlov jumps out of the ring and heads to the back. And then we'll see a tri-branded triple-threat match when ECW's Yoshi Tatsu takes on Raw's Carlito and Smackdown's R-Tuth.
The match ends with Christian dodging a big-boot and manages to get a groggy Knox in an unpretier, hitting the move and getting a 3 count. Then Dolph Ziggler manages to toss out Jimmy Wang Yang, but Ziggler spends a little too much time celebrating and is swiftly removed by JTG. The match ends when Hardy hits the twist of fate on a groggy Kane and covers him, with his feet on the ropes. Sheamus lifts Ryder off the floor and delivers a huge sit-down-power-bomb and covers him for the 1, 2, 3.
Curt Hawkins and Yoshi Tatsu are still slugging it out, Tatsu then nails a swift kick to the outter thigh of Hawkins, before nailing an enziguri, knocking Hawkins out of the ring.

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