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Subdermal implants are placed beneath the skin and then held in place once the skin grows around them. Rob Spence is on a quest to create an eye that can contain a power source and working camera. True fantasy fans or nature lovers feel an affinity for Elves in their favorite fantasy stories.
Placing gauges in the ear to slowly stretch the cartilage has been around for untold generations in some cultures, but in the United States, it’s still considered shocking once the gauges hit an untraditional size.
Seemingly perfect, paint-covered human bodies are intertwined and arrayed in ways that you suddenly realize are physically impossible - with good reason.
Studies made by anthropologist and historians allow us to claim that the practices related to the embellishment of the body are very ancient.
Ear piercings, in fact, convey an enormous variety of messages: religious, symbolic, political, and cultural, among other kinds.
When it comes down to earrings, this is probably the most common kind, at least in the Western cultural universe.
Piercings can also be placed on the tragus, which is the part of the ear right in front of the ear canal.
The anti-tragus is the point in front of the tragus, the exact spot where the cartilage stops and the lobe begins. These are only few examples, mainly related to the most famous spots used for ear piercings.
As tattoos become increasingly commonplace, body mods are becoming increasingly complex and pushing the boundaries of technology and taboo.
In order to gain publicity for his Eyeborg project, he proved that a power source could, in fact, be placed within an eye socket, by creating a shocking red LED eye.

With implanted whiskers, filed teeth, cheek implants, and stunning tattoos, he has come quite close to achieving his dream. A huge gauge is pictured in the top image, while a decorative heart-shaped gauge shows a bit of variety. Ear piercings reside firmly within this realm, together with tattoos, hair styling and nail art. Plus, thanks to modern globalising forces, such as satellite television and the Internet, traditions and ideas are now merging, opening the door for the most amazing combinations, crossing cultural references and ethnic systems of meaning. In fact, they appear in different spots, mirroring fashions and trends spreading across the globe.
Almost each and every woman has ear lobe piercings, even those who don’t like the idea of “piercing” (quite an interesting contradiction!). This is quite a big section, which therefore can be decorated using a huge variety of earrings. This part of the ear can be tricky and only knowledgeable, experienced professionals should perforate it. Talking about ear piercings, this is considered to be the most painful point, mainly because of the thickness of the cartilage. However, thanks to the continuous merging of cultures and traditions that characterise our post-modern world, new ideas are born every day.
Shannon Larratt’s prominent star implants are profiled in the next photo, which match his facial tattoos.
As a matter of fact, the oldest mummy ever found has holes in the ears, very similar to those used nowadays for earrings. As a matter of fact, it is quite impossible to discuss this without thinking about issues related to gender identity, which is created through the reiteration of symbolic practices and images, often built precisely around ear lobe piercings, long hair and specific dress codes.

In fact, tribal and urban cultures are producing the most amazing combinations, playing with different gauge sizes and materials, designs and patterns. Subdermal implants have been around since 1994 and have become increasingly sophisticated, as is visible by the skull shaped fist implants featured above. He’s had his tongue split and has methodically placed scale tattoos over the majority of his body. Septum piercings are typically quite small, but this image is the perfect example that anything can be taken to an extreme. As demonstrated by scholars around the world, this art form has spread all over the planet and it is now a central part of the most different cultures.
This said, ear lobe piercings are probably the least painful and, besides their normative nature, they can also be extremely provocative and seductive. Some people, for instance, choose to have one piercing while others opt for compositions made of multiple earrings. Be creative, choose something surprising and your anti-tragus piercing will help you becoming the center of attention whenever you want to.
A simple star in the last image is an example of a less prominent modification that is still striking. Lucky Diamond Rich is a performance artist who holds the record for the most tattoos, with 100% of his body inked. He stole the record from the former holder, Tom Leppard, whose name matches his inspiration.

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