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The Clarity BT914 - 2 cordless Caller ID telephone, features Patented Clarity Power™ technology and improves conversation by making words not only louder, but also clearer and easier to understand. The BT914 - 2 features DECT 6.0 technology for crisp, clear and interference-free communication. Returned a similarly featured product from another manufacturer and replaced with this one by Clarity. All logos displayed on this page are registered trademarks with their respective organizations.

By creating an account I agree to Factory Outlet Store LLC's Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. With up to 40dB of amplification, the BT914 - 2 cordless phone pairs up with up to two mobile devices so you can enjoy crystal-clear amplified calls without using a landline.
10 loud-and-clear ringtones can be designated so you can easily distingish a landline call from a mobile call. It's one of FactoryOutletStore's best selling Moderate Hearing Loss Amplified Phones 30-40 DB.

The BT914 - 2 is hearing aid compatible phone and can be expanded up to five additional handsets.

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