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It appears to us that this has been in the works since at least mid-2013, as Phonak drastically expanded their US production by moving it out of their Warrenville IL headquarters into a nearby new factory in Aurora, with production having started in January. For Phonak and all the other manufacturers who sell to Costco, answer me this: Why the hell should I buy your product when you sell it to me for only slightly less (and sometimes more, depending on company) than what Costco is retailing it for?
Phonak can expect a lot of Hell over the next few months, based on my experience of what ReSound went through. Phonak going into Costco does not increase the number of people being fit with hearing aids. It’s been brought to our attention from several of our readers that they were having their comments rejected by the Akismet plug-in for WordPress as spam. Sure, younger people may not need this service, but they are a tiny portion of our clientele. However, a hearing aid company that sells the same product to a retail box store to be sold at a price that the would starve the audiologist is just wrong.
Audiologists and Dispensers have done this to themselves by supporting companies that are not interested in their survival. Interesting, because 9 years ago when I bought my Savia’s I had done the research online and I decided I wanted that model of Phonak so I sent an enquiry and they sent me to the audiologist for the hearing evaluation to see if they were suitable for my loss. This time around I wanted my Phonaks but the new Audi tried to steer me to oticon which I wasn’t sure about trying. Those who are suffering from loss of hearing ability can use the devices that are produced by the above mentioned company.
One of the models that needs to be specially mentioned here is the Kirkland signature model.
Apart from the cost of the device, another important factor that potential buyers will benefit from is the fact that it can be purchased on the internet. Among the usual digital hearing aids, the Costco hearing aid has a special place because of the ease of use and also because of the less cost for which it can be purchased. Allan Tan who is an expert on digital hearing aids has more information about Costco hearing aids and also many hearing aids reviews on his site. Scot Frink on a post in the LinkedIn Hearing Aid Professionals group on Phonak’s decision to sell their devices through Costco.
I’ve found them well trained, ethical, and for sure concerned about the needs of the patient.

They can expect and increase in returned from the non-Costcos and non-VA offices, and for a lot of reasons. They have probably done the math and decide it was still worth pissing off their loyal customers because of the units they’ll get from Costco. According to the source, they did research and found that Costco buyers are, on average, younger than those that would come to my office, so their motivation was to help more people who have hearing loss at a younger age. Costco only has so many people fitting hearing aids, and they only have so many hours in the day. You have put into words exactly how I have been feeling and thinking since this news broke. The reasonable pricing of the products have made many people to seek the products from this company. The pricing is done in such a way that it does not cause too much of a burden to the people who have lost their hearing. The person who would like to buy the device will be able to read many of the hearing aid reviews from informative articles.
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Scot is President & Audiologist at Salem Audiology Clinic in Oregon,  which primarily dispenses Phonak hearing aids.
This to me is a serious betrayal, as it was when ReSound did it in the 1990s and then again in the mid 2000s. It will be a proprietary product, not exactly the same as their currently flagship product, the Q90. Only Costco can change how many people they are helping, by increasing the number of outlets they have. Unfortunately, we have to use something to screen for spam, as we were receiving over 100 spam comments per day at its’ peak. If I hadn’t bought the aids from the Hearing Planet, that same Audiologist was going to sell them to me at double the price, which I would never have been able to afford at $10,000. The device is able to keep out all the other sounds and so it is easy to hear the sound that is needed.
This could cause the company to earn a very small profit on the sales, but they do not seem to mind.

He is a second generation hearing aid professional; and was the regional sales director for Phonak from 1999 through 2001. It will have most of the same features, the only confirmed exception is that it will not have a tinnitus noise generator as some of the Q90 products do since Costco at this point doesn’t want to delve into tinnitus management. Absolutely, and primarily because we have the flexibility as an independent to bend our own rules to meet the patients needs as compared to someone who has to follow strict corporate rules. Another are resentful practice owners like myself who, over the serious bad taste this is leaving, will send everything back that they can. These digital devices are quite reasonably priced in spite of the fact that the cost of manufacturing is very high because of the high cost of raw materials and research involved. This is important because no two people will suffer from the same levels of hearing deficit. Once the device is to be bought, the person buying it can do so by paying for it on the internet and the Costco hearing aid will be delivered at home. What I’m about to reveal will be easy to find out soon enough, so why not tell you all now before misinformation starts to take over.
But being better at service and flexibility isn’t enough when price is the number one issue patients ask about. Third will be fitters who even have patients in process who will switch the patient to a different manufacturer just because they are so pissed at Phonak. I will support those who support me and our profession, valuing the services and craftsmanship that we provide our patients.
Different reasons are identified for hearing loss and so a single device will not be a remedy for all problems. Sure, we can educate them on the difference and how we can offer more, but when it comes down to it, especially in this economy. If Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dispensers quit supporting these companies they will not make it.

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