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Also, so many women fell in love with the villain, Lovelace, and wrote to Richardson about it, that he kept adding new bits with each edition to highlight what a hideous person Lovelace was.
Conan Doyle caved to pressure in 1901 and wrote Hound of the Baskervilles, partly because the fan fervour never really died down, and partly because cash dollah. You forgot the bit where Holmes fans wore honest-to-god *mourning* attire after the death of their fave. Bear with me for a second, because my background is in movie marketing, so I’m going there with an analogy. The main reason for this type of business model has to do with escalating (read: out of control) marketing costs. In fact, those blockbuster movies will have marketing budgets (this is not counting the budget for making the film) of $150 million and upward.
Using simple math here, rather than spend $100 to market 10 books evenly (allotting $10 to each) and risk having them all slip under the radar, it’s better business for the publishers to spend $90 on one book and divide the remaining $10 among the other 9 books.
What it definitely DOESN’T MEAN is that your book is not amazing, or beloved by your editor and publisher, or that you have failed at publishing in some way. The White Wood, so named by the locals, was tucked between two peaks deep in the mountains of Snowdonia. At the center of the White Wood was a lane, straight and true, that served as a shortcut through the mountains.
They’d go on to tell of a witch, beautiful and fair, who lived at the end of the lane, with a crackling fire and sweet smelling treats for weary travelers who wandered her way.
But Bronwen wasn’t afraid of the woods like the locals were, nor of the house nestled deep within. Once a week, at the edge of the pond, she met the young hunter, with ink black hair and green eyes shining beneath his dark tartan hood.
On those days, Bronwen ran home, quick as a wink, and let the legends of the White Wood multiply. On all fours, Bronwen climbed a little hill, pressing her knees into the snow, soaking her tights straight through, and peered out from behind a giant oak trunk, as thick as she was tall. Good characters live, bad characters are terribly punished – but not, you know, grusomely, because what would the ladies think?
First, he raised his fee for writing the stories to an extortionate amount, hoping that the magazine would refuse to pay it and fire him. It increases the odds that the featured one will get noticed and, if it’s successful, the money it makes will cover any losses or (more typically) supplement the far more modest sales the other nine achieve. They know that there are X number of people who will go see any movie, say, Sandra Bullock is in.
Is the story high-concept, meaning it’s easily explained in one or two sentences and has a hook that booksellers can very quickly grasp? Meaning, you might start out as a midlist title, but early orders are amazing, or everyone requests your ARC on Netgalley, or you get four starred reviews and suddenly the entire book industry is buzzing. See you in the spring!**For anybody out there curious about the query hiatus I mentioned a while back on Twitter (I know!
I wish I could say the feeling of being a total loser goes away after the first one, but the truth is that it doesn’t. The trees there rarely felt the sun warm their branches, and so the wood remained white year round, laden with snow. If Bronwen were to follow it, she would find herself at the door of a little stone cottage, warm and inviting, with smoke curling from its chimney and winterberry pies cooling on the windowsills.

Her coat hung open as she stepped through the forest, the icy wind ruffling her skirt and slicing through her tights. On the days when Bronwen strolled alone, the wind moving through the trees was her only audible companion. Another weary traveler knocked at the little stone cottage door and was invited to stay for supper, never to come out. Except for one particularly cold afternoon, while she was admiring how her breath swirled and danced on the frigid air. Two children, a brother and sister, darted down the lane, dodging snowballs and giggling wildly. Bronwen followed, hiding behind the deep white trees, until she could smell wood smoke and see the roof of the stone cottage through the snowy boughs. I’m delighted to say she far surpassed my hopes for what could be done with this concept. But then on top of that, it’s about three times smarter and more nuanced than it had to be. So you have like, productions of King Lear where Cordelia lives and so do Regan and Goneril, but they’re VERY SORRY. As a result, the original ending of the book was lost and only the first 80 chapters remained. However, there was such a demand for new Sherlock Holmes stories that the magazine just agreed to pay his ridiculous fee. Is there something about you as the author or about your book’s subject matter that the press is going to respond to, indicating the probability of ample media coverage?
The publishing house will seek to capitalize on that word of mouth by pouring more marketing dollars into your title! A lingering cold resided there, where shadows blanketed the space between canopy and earth. Unknowingly, they knocked at the witch’s door, hoping to find rest and warmth and food to fill their bellies. She wandered the White Wood daily, admiring the way the snow ridged each and every bare branch, the hush that fell with downy flakes, and how the pond at the side of the lane shimmered like glass beneath the gray sky.
He would bring her fresh rabbit for her table, and she would kiss him long into the late afternoon, until the cold and the stories of the White Wood no longer bothered him, just like they didn’t bother her.
He spoke of his young brother and sister and often asked Bronwen to come home with him to meet his family.
And then there were the days when unfortunate travelers wandered down the lane, and echoes of clopping hooves and rustling manes and jingling tack twisted their way through the tree trunks and snow banks.
The snowballs exploded into powder when they met their target and stuck to their hoods and capes. I signed someone while I was out on maternity leave from a query submission, so I also recognize that for the right book all that goes right out the window. There are quite a few versions of how the current ending of the book came to be, but one of them is basically about how He Shen, one of Emperor Qian Long’s most powerful advisers, was such a super-fan of the book, he hired two writers to archive and reform the novel from the few remaining manuscripts there were. So, he killed off Sherlock Holmes in 1893 in the Reichenbach Falls, and when he did that, shit hit the fan. A cold so biting it seeped through to the skin no matter what time of year it was, no matter how many layers one wore under his coat, no matter how tightly one knotted his cap. What they found, instead, was the gleaming blade of a butcher’s knife and the inside of an oven.

In the White Wood, the foliage was icy white, not green nor red nor brown, and each leaf was rimmed with a delicate layer of frost, like lace trimming on a dress. When his body was warm and his heart was full, he would whisper words like love in her ear.
They struck her, spoke sharply to her, locked her away, and never spared her a second glance. Hadn’t their parents told them the stories late at night when they were warm and safe in their beds? But Bronwen watched, shivering, as the children approached the cottage, noses in the air, breathing in the buttery and sweet scent of the winterberry pies.
I’m willing to be surprised and delighted by the creativity and general awesomeness that can come in that way. In order to convince the Emperor to remove the ban on the book, he had the writers essentially write a fanfiction ending to the book that would mitigate the anti-establishment themes.
Those few films pour enough money into the coffers that the studio can then afford to release a slew of other films that maybe don’t have elaborate CGI effects or major movie stars. The trees bowed under the weight of their snowy caps, bowing to Bronwen as she strolled through her winter cathedral.
Like a wolf snared in a trap, the children gripped the windowsills with their mittens and, on tiptoes, peered in through the panes. However, He Shen thought that the first version of the ending was too tragic (even though the whole book is basically a tragedy) so he had the writers go back and write a happier ending for him (the current final 40 chapters). Many of them cancelled their subscription to The Strand, and wrote angry letters to Arthur Conan Doyle explaining how he’d broken their heart. I’ve got a super full slate of killer stuff to sell this fall from current clients, a lot of good submissions to read, and a looming maternity leave clock ticking down, thus the closure. Love would come in its own time, and until then, she lived each day in the moment, exploring her snowy kingdom, free from striking hands and harsh words and rooms without light or sound or fresh air. He then presented the book to the Emperor and successfully convinced him to remove the ban on the book.
While I’m closed, for most of the kind of things I do there is another good option for you to consider at the agency.
This summer could end up being the highlight of her life … or an epic fail forever captured on film. Take the long way ‘round the mountains where the sun warms your path as well as your shoulders.
When they died, leaving their small child alone to fend for herself, the secret of love died with them. In a world where drama is currency and manipulation is standard, how can you tell what’s for real?
Again, this should also be a pretty small group, I’m just including here to avoid doubt. So I’m really grateful for people honoring those exceptions, and always, always appreciative of those of you who consider sharing your work my way, any time any way!

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