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Originally developed at UC Irvine, S-Tones® are the foundation of the SoundCure Serenade® technology. In 2006, researchers at UCI began working with a patient with a cochlear implant who was suffering from tinnitus. This discovery led to the creation of S-Tones, the foundation of the SoundCure Serenade technology. Research has shown that S-Tones can produce synchronized, robust neural activity in the auditory cortex. Studies by researchers suggest that the use of S-Tones may play a role in promoting tinnitus suppression.

Further, synchronized neural activity is described this way in a research paper, with a sample S-Tone effect: "Within 30 seconds, the subject started to experience some tinnitus suppression and by 120 seconds reported being unable to hear his tinnitus.
S-Tones do not need to be loud to be effective, researchers have discovered: "…A sound is presented that is softer than the level of the tinnitus, which may completely eliminate the perception of the tinnitus. Research has shown that these temporally patterned sounds can produce synchronized, robust neural activity in the auditory cortex. According to a UCI researcher, “The mechanisms underlying tinnitus suppression are different from those in tinnitus masking. However, tinnitus is not a simple condition that can be addressed with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Zeng et al., Tinnitus Suppression by Low-Rate Electric Stimulation and its Electrophysiological Mechanisms.
Initially supported by a grant from the American Tinnitus Association, years of professional research have culminated in a technologically advanced therapeutic device and novel acoustic treatment. SoundCure is dedicated to ongoing research to maximize our service to physicians and patients. SoundCure believes that a heterogeneous condition like tinnitus needs a flexible, customized approach.

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