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If you want to give the gift of quality certified diamond stud earrings, you should look for a stone that is nearly colorless and that has no visible imperfections. At Novori, we use diamonds that are certified by the GIA and the AGSL (or EGL in USA) because of the excellent reputation of these laboratories.
Then you can move on to the shape of the certified diamond stud earring you are interested in purchasing. Round diamonds are the classic diamond shape, generally brilliant cut for the most sparkle.
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Having a diamond certified ensures that the diamond has been thoroughly examined by experienced diamond graders and found to have the properties mentioned in the certificate. You will want to consider not only the metal type, but the size, weight, cut, and clarity of the diamond as well. Without certification, one may purchase a diamond of lower quality than expected since minor imperfections in the diamond can only be found by using gemological instruments. If it is for your wife or mother, you should be able to get a pretty good idea of which they would like the most. You may want to take a little time to learn about diamonds before making your final purchase.

If so, that may be your best option because she will be able to wear her new earrings with almost all of the current jewelry that she owns.

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