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Fill in the details below and an e-mail will be sent to your friend telling them about this product. Beautifully matched cushion-cut diamonds encircle the finger in this stunning eternity ring. British manufactured and hallmarked fully set diamond platinum wedding ring with a comfort fit interior for that extra luxury. At first I was worried about buying from an online company, I did have some questions that were replied to quickly and helped.

Diamond is engraved with "Graff" name as well as the GIA Certificate Number; Can be seen with a loupe. Please phone a diamond and jewelry expert and they will help you complete your perfect ring.
The hallmark is your guarantee of authenticity as every ring is individually tested to ensure that the ring is Platinum and of the purity of 950. I had no problems at all, we have actually just ordered the same ring again so both have the same one, used as engagement rings.

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