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Tension settings for engagement ring settings are becoming quite popular and it is not hard to see why. The tension setting is designed around the diamond with a spring-loaded tension setting to hold the diamond in place. International Diamond Center specializes in engagement rings with a wide range of tension engagement ring settings made from platinum, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold in all sizes and can easily hold any size loose diamonds.
All IDC sales associates are certified diamontologist to walk you through the process of selecting the perfect engagement ring. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of engagement ring settings or to schedule an appointment with an engagement specialist to find the tension setting engagement ring of your dreams. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The ring shank will feature an outside shape or profile, which is the top of the shank, opposite the ring rail.

We have a long history of making exceptional jewelry for our clients to help them grow their businesses.
Whether you’re looking to create one-of-a-kind pieces, have the perfect prototype designed, develop your own jewelry line or a finished jewelry catalog collection to shop from, Casting House is your single source. The origin of the marquise shape is from the France of the 18thA┬áCentury, when King Louis XIV ordered a new diamond is similar to the sensual smile of your lover. Classic or Tiffany setting pin can be considered the best setting for the marquise diamond engagement rings.A┬áTo protect are usually four teeth, two on each side is used to ensure that the body cover along the cliffs and peaks against chipping or breaking of the two additional teeth. Diamond ring forever offer a great quality on princess engagement diamond settings, 3 stone diamond ring setting, pave diamond anniversary ring setting, accent pave diamond settings and Antique pave diamond ring at guaranteed low price..
A tension setting’s unique, modern style makes it look like the stone is floating in mid-air and is sure to look good on most any woman. Each tension setting is designed around the diamond it will hold with computer calibrating the light for the exact place the pressure will be applied to avoid damage or fracturing to the diamond.

IDC has 8 locations in Savannah, Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park,Tampa and Clearwater with a better selection and value, guaranteed!
The center stone, which could be diamonds or any other type of gemstone, may be accompanied by side stones. Browse our fine selections for the best deal on unique platinum and gold princess engagement diamond settings.
All are held into the setting with metal prongs that gently yet securely hold precious diamonds and gemstones. The inside of the ring along the finger is generally either designed to have a curved comfort fit or straighter flat fit, also known as a standard fit.

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