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1 carat diamond stud store provides various kinds of diamond earrings at affordable prices.The affordable diamond earrings will enforce customers to choose matching studs for your elegant and precious dressings. Naturally,the process goes through understanding your ideas and making jewellery accordingly.
The customer will get the fancy color diamond on purchase of diamond earrings.The diamond carat stud store has wide collection of color diamonds.
The customer can discover a wide collection of fancy color diamonds in different colors like blue, green, yellow.
The store provide wide variety of diamond earrings.Also it provides various kind of services one of them is fancy color diamond service. In this there are various diamond colors such as  blue, green,yellow.So,this diamond can be mounted on earrings as per style,dress code.

1 carat diamond stud store provide 30 days  return policy on purchase of diamond earrings.This policy gives customer plenty of time to gather opinions from friends and family about purchase and make sure you made the right decision. If for any reason you are not satisfied you can return your item in its original condition,within 30 days of the date of shipment for a refund or an exchange.
We're sorry, it looks like you're using a browser that doesn’t fully support Zoara's website graphics. I don't know much about jeweltry, so when I decided to buy my girlfirend a present because we've been together for 3 years, I didn't knwo where to start. I was nervous about buying preset diamond studs online since I know that preset jewelry never comes with the diamond certificate, but I'm very happy with my purchase.
The studs look great, especially in platinum which gives the diamond a cooler and whiter look.

The beautiful stud earrings showcase 1 carat Round cut diamond total weight, and they are hand set on 10k White Gold.
When you are looking for the ultra luxirous gift to give to that special someone, look no further.

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