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In spite of their small size, they look gorgeous as they flash and sparkle on your nostril.
While making your choice, consider what you personally like, your facial features and the kind of place you work in. Studs, also called bones or pins, are a lot more comfortable than other types of nose jewelry.
Elin Woods watches the play of her husband Tiger Woods during the third round of the 2008 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club on April 12, 2008 in Augusta, Georgia. Made just for MUSE, these simple diamonds studs wil never go out of style (or leave your ears)!

If you really enjoy chunky jewelry, and also have a prominent nose, you might love wearing a 2 mm size diamond. They are easy to wear because all you have to do is insert them through your nose piercing and push the backing into the stud.
Diamond nose studs are quite affordable because the diamonds are small and start from just 0.01 carat! The stud is like a straight barbell where the diamond is at one end and a little ball is at the other. Since the ball does not come off, there is no danger of losing your beautiful diamond nose stud.

Studs are easier to change often if you like to wear a different one at different times of the day.

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