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Flipping through this month’s Marie Claire magazine, I spotted this fabulously asymmetrical blue bulky beaded necklace {pg. NOTE: This could also be a fun use of all those shimmery Mardi Gras necklaces to create this year’s Mardi Gras costume! There are plenty of Dior inspired DIYs on the blogosphere, but I promise you my tutorial is very different. Grab the end of the wire with the pliers and roll it around the ends until you have a small loose loop. Now attach the loop to the earring's back and secure the loop and the back with the pliers. About The SiteVous qui ne savez jamais quoi faire de vos cheveux, vous qui debordez avec le plus precis des rouge a levres, vous qui ne savez toujours pas appliquer votre vernis de la main gauche, La Minute Coquette est faite pour vous !

It’s not a particularly difficult DIY, but it is time consuming and requires a bit of patience. It’s better to start too long then cut away if you want to shorten them, just make sure you have enough bead strands to cover the entire band. I made the front edges longer than the rest, and one longer than the other, as in the inspiration piece, and consistently shorter in the back. The whole combination of white pearls, black sweater, red lipstick and nails is visually striking.
If you ever decide to sell these I would be gladly line up to be a paying customer (I am serious):) Really, simply beautiful! Here you will find her talking about their journey & battle with infertility & recent relocation up to the mountains by a lake in search of a better life, which they found.

Alternately, you could use glue on a plastic headband, but I don’t think it will have the staying power that a stitch does. The only thing I didn't like about the earrings is that the they tend to distort the earlobes, which might look weird if you have longer earlobes like I do. So for everyone with the same problem I came up with a design that still reflects the iconic Dior design but doesn't change the from of the earlobes.

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