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You will need to remove the back of your frame, and the glass.  You may throw these pieces out as you will no longer need them. You will need to size up your canvas (I used the piece of paper that came in the frame to measure my canvas).  Once the canvas is cut make sure that it fits perfectly into your frame. Step one: First, I sanded the frame and painted it with an off white paint I had in my garage.
Step two: I cut strips of a music sheet and glued them to the earring holder frame with Mod Podge.
Step three: I cut some of the chicken wire with the wire cutters and stapled it to the back of the frame.

I love how my earring holder looks in my room and it’s a perfect display case for my variety of handmade earrings!
About JustineJustine Abbitt is a blogger, freelance writer, and a sewing pattern, craft, and theatrical costume designer.
When she's not behind her sewing machine, craft table, or creating for Justine Marie Patterns, you can find Justine running around with her children, trying to keep her house clean and her family fed! Darice was founded in 1954, by Pat Catan, an entrepreneur from humble beginnings who valued hard work and dedication.
I made this earring holder from an old frame, some sheet music, Mod Podge and chicken wire netting from Darice.

I like the vintage feel of the music sheets, but you can customize your earring holder by using any other patterned or plain paper of your choice. She started her blog in 2010, after moving to an old farmhouse in the country from fast paced Los Angeles, where she worked as a fashion designer and stylist before becoming a stay at home mom to her and her husband's five children. This was the first time I used a staple gun and I can’t wait to start stapling everything now!

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