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At the end of the day our emissions will be balanced out by a comparable amount of reductions. Ita€™s all very well trying to block out all sound a€“ but sometimes you still need to be able to hear conversation, the cry of a baby, a car horn etc. Many people have health concerns over the use of silicone (medical grade or otherwise), so we offer a silicone-free construction a€“ particularly appreciated by those who wear their Hearing Protectors regularly. Unique thermoplastic outer construction gives a feeling of supreme softness and comfort, even when you are sleeping with NoNoise Hearing Protectors or wearing them for extended periods. NoNoise Hearing Protectors have been developed by leading audiologists and hearing technicians in the Netherlands over 20 years. Unlike many manufacturers, we are proud to share our test results and use an internationally recognised independent German testing institute. We are able to offer such low prices because we share our patented ceramic filter technology with our professional custom-fit protectors a€“ which means we can pass on our production savings to you. You want to be in the music business, you want to play in clubs and make records, but how much thought have you given to your hearing? It’s not all doom and gloom, there are simple things you can do to protect your hearing and hear banging tunes forever. Invest in good quality headphones that cancel out background noise, so that you don’t need to turn it up so loud. Be the first to act and tell your friends who are still putting their head in the speakers. Listening to loud music over long periods of time can damage your hearing temporarily, but repeated exposure can lead to permanent hearing damage. Custom made earplugs provide the best fit, comfort and sound to help musicians and DJs to protect their hearing. All the top DJs wear earplugs and many support the Action on Hearing Loss campaign Loud Music, which encourages music lovers to listen to music safely. They helped us measure exactly how much carbon we were putting into the atmosphere by running the Plushbeds website. Every TerraPass project is conducted and verified according to a publically available carbon offset standard such as the Voluntary Carbon Standard 2007 and the Climate Action Reserve.

NoNoisea€™s patented precision-tuning means you can reduce the noises you dona€™t want to hear, but keep those that you do. This muffling or occlusion can be disturbing over long periods and can even affect our balance and physical judgement. We are very experienced with designing and producing professional custom-fit hearing protectors. Without the enormous investments we have made in research and precision machinery over many years, this would simply not be possible.
The simple fact is loud music can permanently damage your hearing or give you tinnitus, that ‘ringing in your ears’ you’ve probably had after a night clubbing. Here are some handy tips to looking after your ears and having a long and successful music career! These are used by amateurs and professionals for hearing protection as they have filters suitable for reducing the sound level to the level you want, helping musicians to protect their most important asset.
July 12, 2013 by Amber MertonIs a snoring spouse, barking dogs, traffic outside, or birds chirping at 4 am playing havoc on your ability to get a good night’s sleep? Armed with that knowledge, TerraPass has taken actions to offset our carbon footprint by funding clean energy and other projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
And because our filters are formed with the Venturi-shaped sound channel, from high grade ceramic material (zirconium oxide) at 2,715A°C, the internal aperture surface is perfectly smooth. We have engineered this effect out of NoNoise Hearing Protectors, for ultimate comfort and practicality. Our experience and unique technology means that you are in safe hands when it comes to protecting your valuable hearing. They’re small and inconspicuous and have special acoustic filters to ensure that music and other ambient sounds such as speech remain clearly audible.
This results in more precise sound attenuation than with plastic (PE) filters which leave a rough, uneven channel surface. Earplugs help you to continue enjoying your music, whilst protecting your ears from long term damage.
Our good friends at Action on Hearing Loss have provided us with their top tips to make sure you keep safe and don’t damage that most precious commodity…your hearing!

Some nightclubs and studios can reach volumes of 110dB(A) which is well above the level where noise is damaging to you hearing.
The answer is yes and no.Risks of Sleeping with EarplugsJust as a sleep mask helps to block out the light for sleeping, earplugs help to block out noise that can disrupt your sleep. In addition, if you do not take proper care of your earplugs and clean them adequately and regularly, bacteria can grow on them. It’s prudent to test your ability to hear these devices while wearing your earplugs for your own safety.Pushing the earplug too far into the ear canal.
An earplug should never be inserted so far into your ear canal that you cannot grab it with your fingers.Removing earplugs too fast. By not wearing them every night, you’re giving your ears a chance to rest and drain built-up earwax. If they are the type that can be reused, then it is important to clean them thoroughly after each use.
If you have disposable earplugs, simply throw them away once you’ve used them once.Alternatives to EarplugsShould you decide the risks of sleeping with earplugs aren’t worth it to you, there are other things you can do to block out the noise that is impacting your sleep. These are worn externally, so they are not as prone to bacterial growth that can affect the delicate parts of your ear.
Second, white noise machines are a popular sleep gadget among many people to help them sleep. Hybrids of white noise machines are sound machines that play various sounds to sleep to including rain, waterfalls, or ocean waves. A fan not only helps to muffle the sounds you don’t want to hear, but has the added benefit of circulating air while you sleep.
If none of these options sound appealing, consider getting a custom molded pair of earplugs that are designed to fit your ears perfectly and made out of gentle materials that are less inviting to bacteria growth.When properly used, earplugs can help you obtain the restorative sleep you need to be at your best.

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