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Acupuncture is an ancient medicine designed to maximize the bodya€™s innate healing potential, improving health on all levels. The classical Chinese explanation is that channels of energy run in regular patterns through the body and over its surface. The meridians can be influenced by needling the acupuncture points; the acupuncture needles unblock the obstructions at the dams, and reestablish the regular flow through the meridians. The modern scientific explanation is that needling the acupuncture points stimulates the nervous system to release chemicals in the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. However you choose to think about it, the improved energy and biochemical balance produced by acupuncture results in stimulating the body's natural healing abilities, and in promoting physical and emotional well-being. While acupuncture is often associated with pain control, in the hands of a well-trained practitioner it has much broader applications. HOLIDAY NOTICE: The herbs factory will be closed from Thursday, December 24, 2015 to Friday, January 1, 2016 for the holidays.
Acupuncture is the method that encourages body to promote self healing by stimulating specific points located near or on the surface of the skin. The patients who need this surgery to be done are patients who are suffering from back pain, neck pain, migraine, cancer, depression, anxiety, neurological sicknesses etc. Acupuncture is based on the classical Chinese explanation that energy, called qi, flows through the body or on the surface, in channels called meridians.
If we take a look at how this therapy is performed, we see that this therapy is done by extremely thin needles. As mentioned earlier the side effects from this therapy are really low and some patients do not even have side effects because this therapy is natural.
There are some advice to all those who take acupuncture and also those who are willing or thinking of getting this therapy done. Disclaimer : All the images on this blog are neither our property nor under our Copyrights. During my 25 years in prac­tice count­less people have asked me how acu­punc­ture works and you may also have pondered upon this ques­tion, be­fore, dur­ing or after your acu­punc­ture treat­ment. There is no short an­swer, over 3500 years of re­cor­ded his­tory and mil­lions of suc­cess­ful treat­ment out­comes only serve to em­phas­ize the clin­ical ef­fic­acy and di­versity of this an­cient heal­ing mod­al­ity and it re­in­forces the dif­fi­culty trans­lat­ing the un­der­ly­ing factors re­spons­ible for Traditional Acupuncture’s in­cred­ible longev­ity. With ac­cess to an­cient clas­sical med­ical texts, some writ­ten 2500 years be­fore the birth of Christ, mil­lions of re­cor­ded case his­tor­ies and an ex­traordin­ary vault of know­ledge based on the ac­cu­mu­lated heal­ing ex­pert­ise gleaned from mil­lions of suc­cess­ful treat­ments, acu­punc­ture must be close to be­ing the most his­tor­ic­ally proven med­ical mod­al­ity on the planet today! Millions of case his­tor­ies have been re­cor­ded in the an­cient Chinese lan­guage known as Kanji. I be­lieve it is im­per­at­ive that the trans­lator has a wealth of clin­ical ex­per­i­ence en­abling them to in­ter­pret and sub­sequently trans­late in an ac­cur­ate and clin­ic­ally rel­ev­ant man­ner. A 1000 or so years ago emis­sar­ies from Japan trav­elled to China to study their far more soph­ist­ic­ated med­ical and legal sys­tems, some dec­ades later they re­turned to Japan tak­ing with them Chinese ex­perts in the fields of medi­cine and law.
Much like Latin provided the basis for the Western legal and med­ical lan­guages, Kanji is the lan­guage upon which the Japanese med­ical and legal sys­tems are based.
As a res­ult, ac­cur­ate and clin­ic­ally rel­ev­ant trans­la­tion of this know­ledge is re­stric­ted to a few highly spe­cial­ized in­di­vidu­als, es­pe­cially in Japan. Masakazu Ikeda sen­sei has writ­ten in the vi­cin­ity of 20 text­books, au­thored hun­dreds of journal art­icles and presen­ted hun­dreds of work­shops con­cern­ing the prac­tice of this highly spe­cial­ized med­ical art called Traditional Acupuncture. The an­swer to this ques­tion will al­ways be gov­erned by the ex­per­i­ence and aware­ness of the per­son do­ing the ex­plain­ing. Alan Jansson at ImabariIn 1996, at the be­hest my friend and col­league Edward Obaidey, a gen­tle­man flu­ent in all things Japanese and I vis­ited Masakazu Ikeda sen­sei, a mod­ern mas­ter of Traditional Acupuncture at his clinic in Imabari, Japan.
After 13 years of prac­ti­cing what I be­lieved to be Traditional Acupuncture I ex­per­i­enced a truly rude awaken­ing re­gard­ing the crude level of skill and ex­tremely ba­sic un­der­stand­ing that I pos­sessed.
I real­ized I was still play­ing in the sand­pit with a bucket and spade and this mas­ter prac­ti­tioner was the head of fac­ulty at the global University. I was stunned by Ikeda sensei’s amaz­ing clin­ical skills, his hands and fin­gers seemed to dance across the patient’s body, his med­it­at­ive fo­cus through­out treat­ment was truly mag­netic. What I learned in his clinic in the dead of the Japanese winter be­came my vir­tual pro­fes­sional pole vault, my aware­ness of the clin­ical po­ten­tial of Traditional Acupuncture was ver­it­ably ex­ploded by the way in which this mas­ter prac­ti­tioner went about his work. I thought I was entered in the Traditional Acupuncture high jump and after 13 years in prac­tice I found my­self in the pole vault without a pole! In 1996, after re­ceiv­ing treat­ment from Ikeda sen­sei and closely ob­serving his work with pa­tients suf­fer­ing from a vir­tual Pandora’s box of mal­ad­ies I real­ized how far that pro­ver­bial bar had been raised as a res­ult of my ex­pos­ure to this mas­ter prac­ti­tioner. His silken skills, ef­fort­less fo­cus and im­mense know­ledge were even more ob­vi­ous upon my re­turn to Japan earlier this year; the con­nec­tion formed by his hands to the pa­tient was in­cred­ibly mal­le­able, os­motic in the ex­treme.
I was in­ex­or­ably re­minded that I had entered in the clin­ical equi­val­ent of the pole vault, the bar in­fin­itely higher than in the high jump and the sand pit I had been dwell­ing in was for emer­gency land­ings only. How well acu­punc­ture works is ir­re­voc­ably linked to the aware­ness and skill of your prac­ti­tioner. The suc­cess of your treat­ment re­lies not on the needle or scalpel, but in the hands of your prac­ti­tioner!
I con­tinue to prac­tice daily in an ef­fort to re­fine and de­velop my skill and un­der­stand­ing of Traditional Acupuncture, clear that elu­sive bar and do my best to trans­late my ex­treme good for­tune into clin­ical com­pet­ency to the ul­ti­mate be­ne­fit of my pa­tients. I be­lieve it im­port­ant to con­vey to you the rel­ev­ance of a solid know­ledge base and clin­ical ex­per­i­ence prior to un­der­tak­ing the im­mense and some­what com­plex task of dis­tilling this unique an­cient med­ical sys­tem into an un­der­stand­able diatribe for your con­sump­tion. Traditional Acupuncture re­lies upon the re­cog­ni­tion of an en­er­getic net­work that cov­ers the en­tire body known as me­ridi­ans. Hua-Ching Ni, a Taoist adept, points out that human beings are a complete model of the universe. As such, humans demonstrate the physical as well as mental and spiritual aspects of existence.
Knowledge of the more subtle aspects of the human body is not gained through dissection and observation of anatomy.
The ideal health system helps prevent dis-ease rather than treat illnesses after they have manifested as painful or distressing physical and mental symptoms. The subtle energy meridians of Acupuncture not only connect the organs to each other but the external to the internal. Those from the past who had the skills of human observation and understanding discovered that illness often produced painful areas upon the skin and that the pain would disappear when a cure was affected. At these points, energy imbalances, deficiencies, excesses, blockages can be restored to normal balance.
All of the channels are connected and polarized in such a manner that the circulation of energy throughout the body flows in continuous and constant patterns.
The continued harmony of an individual depends on maintaining the appropriate balance of yin and yang.
Patrick Holiman is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and is licensed for Acupuncture in Arkansas and California. When I was a child, my mother used to get me into an acupuncturist to hopefully treat my phlegm issue.

Doctor Oz is one of the many experts that supports alternative medicine such herbal remedies and of course acupuncture, which is one of the oldest traditional oriental medicine today.
Acupuncture mainly involves stimulation of points on the body (called qi) using insertion of pins or needles into the skin, either manipulated manually or by electrical stimulation. The hypothalamus has an important function that makes our body to work properly which includes hormone and nuerochemical regulation, body temperature management and thirst and hunger control. Consistent application of acupuncture claims to help curb appetite effectively while boosting up your metabolism, improving digestion and more efficient nutrient absorption. Before you turn into an acupuncture weight loss treatment, the acupuncturist must asses your over-all health first before any procedures. This part is the most common area where weight loss is said to be more achievable based on acupuncture principles. Acupuncture is said to have big influence on your endocrine system by treating your water retention problem. Kidney acupuncture helps relieve your hormonal imbalances, water retention, stress or anxiety attack. Hypothyroidism leads to weight gain and to control this symptom, the thyroid type of acupuncture can help reverse weight gain from hypothyroidism patients. Before you opt for an acupuncture session, you first have to assure yourself that you really need this kind of treatment especially if your only goal is just to lose weight.
First, you need to find the best acupuncture clinic near your area, with qualified acupuncture practitioner. Now if you are decided in taking this kind of weight loss regimen, make sure that you complete the entire treatment course.
There are a lot of positive reviews about acupuncture and both health experts and some physicians are even recommending it as an alternative treatment for various diseases. Since I don’t have a good experience with acupuncture and some of the articles you can find online are more like to be a promotional stint, I am not recommending acupuncture for your weight loss program. My advise is that, you can undergo acupuncture sessions with the purpose of treating your existing health conditions or for health improvement while applying weight loss acupuncture. Proactol is composed of the best organic ingredients that are known to help aid weight loss without any side effects. All the information herein are based on research, opinions, testimonials and clinical trials. Our patients find that our combining hands-on physical therapy and acupuncture is the best way of relieving their pain. We are proud to be one of the very few holistic group practices accepting most health insurances. Where conventional treatments meet complementary therapies for your healing and overall wellness. This is accomplished by inserting fine stainless steel needles at very precise acupuncture points, associated with each organ system within the body. These energy channels, called meridians, are like rivers flowing through the body to irrigate and nourish the tissues.
Acupuncture treatments can therefore help the body's internal organs to correct imbalances in their digestion, absorption, energy production activities, and in the circulation of their energy throughout the body.
These chemicals will either change the experience of pain, or they will trigger the release of other chemicals and hormones which influence the body's own internal regulating system.
Acupuncture can be effective as the only treatment used, or as the support or adjunct to other medical treatment forms in many medical and surgical disorders. Any orders placed on Kirstin's Counter Store during this time will be shipped out on Monday, January 4, 2016. Statistics also show that this for this therapy there are more women who undergo it than men. For those who do experience side effects, they will have things like dizziness, headache and bleeding after the needles are taken out of the body. When searching for a doctor who is related to this field, they should find as a physician acupuncturist. This is a good overview of how it really works to people who will still try it the first time. Since the per­son at­tempt­ing to provide an an­swer to this fre­quently asked ques­tion in this in­stance is yours truly, please al­low me to provide you with some per­tin­ent and rel­ev­ant his­tor­ical de­tails of my ca­reer and how my first visit to Japan ir­re­voc­ably changed my un­der­stand­ing of how Traditional Acupuncture works where it mat­ters, in clinic. Edward’s abil­ity to ac­cur­ately trans­late com­bined with Ikeda sensei’s im­mense clin­ical ex­per­i­ence and lin­guistic com­pet­ency cre­ated unique ac­cess to the an­cient clas­sical texts and their clin­ical ap­plic­a­tion. Sensei’s abil­ity to trans­late his for­mid­able know­ledge and un­der­stand­ing of the an­cient med­ical art of Acupuncture into clin­ical ex­cel­lence was truly in­spir­a­tional.
Like a sur­geon skill­fully us­ing a scalpel, the acu­punc­tur­ist uses a needle dur­ing an en­er­getic form of sur­gery and the most es­sen­tial in­gredi­ent for a suc­cess­ful clin­ical out­come is the skill and sens­it­iv­ity of their hands. In other words the po­tency and di­versity of Traditional Acupuncture treat­ment is dir­ectly re­lated to the skill and ex­per­i­ence of your prac­ti­tioner. Oriental Medicine (and I use that term Oriental Medicine as a metaphor not something that is limited to certain practices that remain entombed in the Chinese countryside) and the acupuncture energy meridians delineate the circulation of energy within the human body on an extremely subtle level.
These pathways have clearly and distinctly established pathways and definite directions of flow just as the circulation of the blood and lymph systems do. They saw that stimulation or sedation of various points on the body produced an effect upon the functioning of internal organs. ??In a somewhat tongue in cheek extreme, it was observed that when someone was speared, a chronic ailment would heal. Pain is the lack of free flow.  The blood and energy wants to flow in certain natural pathways, and if they can’t, dis-ease may follow. There are six yang channels, six yin channels and eight extra channels that form the body’s energy network.
The five phases of fire, earth, metal, water and wood maintain the equilibrium of yin and yang if their energy transformations are appropriate.
Local points and distal points that relate to the affected area and adjacent points (points in the same area but on the other side of the body). Front mu and back shu points (also called alarm points in certain locations that indicate organ systems are in  dis-harmony).
Five element points (points that related to the five phases – fire, earth, metal, water and wood).
Points according to signs and symptoms related to a particular organ system designated by the four diagnostic methods (observing, listening, asking and feeling).
As a practitioner of Polarity Therapy, he was certified to teach & practice Polarity by Pierre Pannetier. If you do, then you are probably aware or you may already had experiences about an alternative treatment called Chinese acupuncture?
Unfortunately, it wasn’t treated and carried this uncomfortable condition until today.
This process is said to benefit weight loss because experts believes that weight gain is caused by disturbed energy flow that runs in and out of the regulating  center of the brain (hypothalamus).

With that said, acupuncture can influence obesity hormones and other factors such as increased in ghrelin while decreasing your leptin hormones. It is also said to relieve muscle stress along the stomach, which can help gives signals that you are full. Other benefits aside from weight loss includes boosting the immune system, improvement of liver health, good circulation, treats nausea, supports fertility and many others. Depending on your eating habits, the acupuncturist may require a few numbers of needles to be pinned along your ear’s main three points, which will cover most part of your body. Whether you are a fast talker or a heavy eater, certain points in the mouth can help decrease these habits through acupuncture.
Experts claims that several qi points along the stomach can give signals to your brain that you are full, which leads to less eating. While this is true, lungs also the treatment area for those who overindulge to sweet foods such as cake and chocolate products. If possible, seek your doctor’s recommendation or approval before you undergo alternative traditional medicine. With regards to weight loss, this treatment is practically inexpensive and provides a less physical effort unlike exercise and dieting. Factors such as sterilization of needles and many others can spell disaster if erroneously done. This procedure may help but you still need to apply intense workout and healthy dieting to be able to lose significant weight. This will kill two birds in one stone, that is if you are truly decided to undergo acupuncture treatment.
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Proactol Plus is guaranteed to help you lose weight by effectively binding 28% of your daily fat intake.
Most health insurances cover Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage, and other Alternative Therapies. An obstruction in the movement of these energy rivers is like a dam that backs up in others. When doing this therapy, patients are encouraged to talk to the doctor who performs the therapy and make sure the needles which are used are sterile and they are also disposable once. If you have no access to them, you are always welcome to call your local hospital and inquire more about them.  If it is a Lay acupuncturist who is not a doctor, then they should have a state license and certification to practice acupuncture. Unless it is recommended by a doctor, patients should not go by their own will and perform this therapy. The transformation of energy that creates the planets, the Earth and the four seasons also creates the corresponding organs within the human body.
It has been learned through centuries of experience that stimulation of what is referred to as distal points will work like the points that are stimulated locally. These key points are well established through thousands of years of observation and experience. If the energy transformation becomes unbalanced dis-ease can appear. ??For example, wood attacks earth. What would you say are the conditions (or pre-conditions) that acupuncture and polarity treat better than allopathic medicine?
I later found out that my phlegm problem is caused by a rare allergy that is next to impossible to treat. But did you know that this Chinese brand of treatment is not just designed to cure diseases? The acupuncturists may also ask for some history of any existing conditions or your eating habits or dieting regimen. Getting this post viral online will help tons of people that is looking for detailed information about acupuncture and weight loss. This will enable you to manage your weight more easily unlike any other hyped products out there. Rest assured that I will continue to bring you the best weight loss information in this site to help you overcome all your weight gain endeavors. Please consult your physician first before you intend to apply any information found in this site.
Further study has also shown that the following conditions could be treated by acupuncture as well. The stimulation of acupuncture along these meridians clears the blockages and result in smooth flow of qi. Firstly the patient is being laid down and then there are needles pricked over the patient’s body. This not only helps in physical sicknesses but also mentally things which put human life down.
Say a person feels angry or has some other emotional upset, or takes some inappropriate food that causes excess blockage in the liver (wood) channel.
Vasant Lad and also took private lessons in Hatha yoga from Bikram in Japan before Bikram moved to the U.S. They are Asthma, Allergies, Strokes and heart attacks, Nausea which is also associated with chemotherapy. The treatment of acupuncture therefore can help in body’s internal organs to correct imbalance in digestion and energy production activities. So always call your insurance company and double check if the acupuncture treatment is covered as well.  This is necessary to know before you go through the therapy. He has taught, practiced and studied Yoga since 1970 and Tai Chi since 1980. Patrick holds a life long instructor credential in Philosophy, Religion and Physical Education for California Community Colleges. Then the patient may feel numbness in the body, tingling sensation with heat and also an aching feeling. This therapy is considered as a natural and effective one and there are no side effects through this.
After being removed, needles are discarded immediately, guaranteeing that with each treatment, only new needles can be applied. The needles will be rotated by the doctor who performs the acupuncture or stimulation of electricity could take place as well.

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