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The World Health Organization has said that 1.1 billion teenagers are at risk of hearing loss or damage from portable listening devices and loud entertainment venues. Young people are often unaware of how easy it is to cause themselves hearing damage when listening to music, says the president of the tinnitus association of Quebec. Hearing damage can take years to develop, but people are being diagnosed with hearing problems at younger and younger ages. Hearing aids can will amplify the sound, but they cannot replicate the clarity and sound quality provided by hair cells. People with tinnitus hear a ringing or whistling sound that tinnitus experts call a phantom sound. Parents can limit hearing damage by encouraging children to keep volumes well below 85 decibels and limiting exposure.

At a time when experts are concerned about the impact of global warming on walrus populations, the birth of a new baby walrus at the Quebec aquarium is great news. Police say speed was likely a factor in a collision between a car and a school bus in Mont-St-Hilaire near Montreal that left one person in the car dead and eight others with serious injuries. Timer has a memory function - after the time runs out and the timer is going off, just press the start version twice and it will recall the previous setting.
Items displaying this symbol are blind accessible.These items can be used without sighted assistance. The features that make this rimless magnifier better than the others is the LED light, the extremely comfortable and lightweight handle and the clear 2.5X magnification. We could all use a bit more exercise and this timer might just be the inspiration you need!

If you need greater magnification, there is a small, 4X area which does not interfere with the 2X section of the magnifier. Our personal finance columnist Bruce Sellery shares tips on how to get on top of your coverage. Take our convenient Buzz and Beep Digital Timer for a longer walk tomorrow and never lose track of the time. The Buzz and Beep Digital Timer even has a clever memory feature that recalls your last setting and a large LCD screen with the hour, minutes, and seconds displayed.

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