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Eustachian tubes in children are smaller and more horizontal, so they can become plugged more easily.
Signs include: a feeling of pressure in the ear mild ear pain fluid draining from ears low fever hearing loss trouble sleeping An infant may seem fussier than usual, especially when lying down as this puts pressure on the ear.
Inserting ear tubes helps the fluid in the inner ear drain, which can reduce the number of infections and the severity of symptoms.

The fluid will be suctioned out of the ear, and a small tube will be inserted through the hole. If the infection spreads to the mastoid bone, surgery is required to clean out the infection. These possible complications include: hearing loss damage to the bones in the middle ear infection of the mastoid bone damage to the balance function in the ear drainage from hole in eardrum tympanosclerosis, a hardening of tissue in the ear cholesteatoma, a cyst in the middle ear facial paralysis inflammation around or in the brain Prevention Tips There are a number of things you can do to help reduce you and your childs risk of developing a chronic ear infection.

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