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According to a Swiss study, administration of a massive dose of Vitamin A soon after an explosion was found to be highly effective in restoring hearing capacity of people who have survived an explosion.
About 100 IU of Vitamin E when administered for six weeks helped in better absorption of Vitamin A in the blood stream.
Tinnitus is a condition characterized by swishing, buzzing, ringing, or other noises that appear to be originating in the head or ear. Landscapers, street-repair workers, rock musicians, pilots and carpenters are among those whose jobs put them in jeopardy, as are people who work with guns, chainsaws, or other loud devices and machines, or who always listen to loud music. Sound therapy, one common tinnitus treatment today, covers a wide variety of coping techniques. The audiologists use tinnitus maskers to play a sound that helps the patient fight the sound of tinnitus.
Unlike sound therapy, biofeedback trains not just your ears, but your whole body as well to cope with tinnitus.
It is characterized by a sharp ringing or whistling sound heard by the affected individual when there is no such noise or sound in and around the person.
They discovered that a 300,000 IU of Vitamin A administration for a period of six weeks was very effective. Vitamin C can strengthen the person’s immune system and is, therefore, useful in averting ear infections.

These therapeutic techniques show patients how to live or cope with tinnitus, include: sound therapy, biofeedback and tinnitus maskers.
The sound is usually more pleasant to the ears, making the patient comfortable and relaxed. Working with the observation that such hearing condition is aggravated by stress, biofeedback aims to teach patients how to recognize sounds when their body is stressed and how to relax their bodies from stress. It is not a disease but is in fact, a symptom indicating that, something is not right internally.
Natural homeopathic medicines are prescribed to a few patients while others decide to ignore the sound. Sound therapy aims to help patients to focus on outside sound or sounds other than the ringing in their ears.
Biofeedback is done by attaching electrodes onto parts of your body and allowing you to observe how your body reacts when you are stressed and when you are relaxed or calm. Other times it takes several weeks or sessions of therapy before any hearing improvement is seen.
The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product. Numerous vitamins have been found to be effective in alleviating the condition depending on the severity of the problem.

High blood pressure, abnormal functioning of the blood vessels found in and around the ears, a muscular disorder or abnormality near or in the ear canal, tumor development in the middle ear are some reasons for tinnitus. The noise greatly damages the sound-sensitive cells of cochlea, a spiral-shaped organ in your inner ear. When the tinnitus maskers are placed in your ears, you are then retrained to listen to other sounds. When stress levels go down, patients usually notice that the intensity of ringing decreases.
Usually, through time, the patient does become more focused on sounds other than the ringing, and are able to hear well.
If the patient is suffering from intense conditions of tinnitus, however, the audiologists may need to use a hearing aid or a machine that produces sounds, sometimes called tinnitus maskers. Coupled with helping patients hear sounds other than the decreased ringing, biofeedback can provide a good amount of help to those people suffering from tinnitus.
These hearing aids help patients hear the sounds or noises other than the ringing in their ears.

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