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And now that the pre-fall issues of all the fashion mags are hitting the stands (I know, while you are just breaking out your bikini and hitting the beach), it seems that the editorial staff is really promoting this look.
So here’s the thing…just because we see something on the runway and in a fashion mag, does it mean that it’ll translate to the general public? This entry was posted in Designers, Earrings, Trends and tagged celine earrings, earring trends, fall 2014 jewelry trends, louis vuitton earrings, wearing one earring.
Earrings have been worn for eons as a status symbol and they probably will continue being used even if it’s for a different message or symbolism. Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but pearls are the next best thing – as some people would call them but considering how rare pearls are.
If you have more diamonds than pearls make sure that the diamonds are of good quality, By quality we mean that clarity, cut and shape of the diamond.
A woman wears earrings to enhance the way her face looks but sometimes women wear earrings to express how they are feeling, just like they do with clothes. Jewelry design like most fashionable things, change every season and sometimes, dangle earrings are not considered to be the must-have accessory but if you are not a follower of trends and you understand what works for you, you will not let fashion dictate that you can or cannot wear.

For the fall 2014 shows, various designers had models sauntering down the runway in one earring, from Louis Vuitton to Celine. While reading the July issue of Vogue, here are some of the images that were in their spread. And if so, will it be in such a dramatic fashion, or will the interpretation be more of a watered-down version, with a minimal earring worn on its own? Jewelry designers have become bolder but there are still classic designs that still work for most women. Pearls are either real or imperfect but no self-respecting jeweler will use imperfect pearls with brilliantly cut diamonds. They make the face look thinner than it actually is but be careful of the length and adjust it so that if your neck is short you don’t end up wearing earrings that go down to your shoulders. Fashion is meant to work for you so choose your jewelry in accordance to what works and what is within your “taste”. Pink diamond earrings that sparkle and cascade down can make a gown look extra spectacular.

If you have a nice neckline you want to show off, pearl dangle earrings will draw attention to your neck.
There is no law against older women wearing such earring but like clothes, hairstyles and processional style change as women get older, and that does not change even if you choose pearl dangle earring same can be said of certain types of earrings like dangling kinds. When choosing the kind of earrings to wear you should consider how they enhance your beauty by baking sure that the shape and the way the earrings hang from your ears. The kind of drop earrings that are suitable for this type of face are tear drops, otherwise hoops, button-type earrings and curved edged earrings work well with this rectangular shaped face. With dangling earrings the movement and sparkle (if any) of the earring to your enhance certain features of your face.

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