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Sometimes gauge sizes are listed by their size in millimeters, so we've provided a conversion. MelAus PartnersEAR GAUGE SIZES CHARTUsed as a reference source when one goes up ear size chart. If you’re worried about the stickiness, you might prefer teflon tape, which is slightly more expensive but breaths way better.
Take them out when you shower and clean your ears and clean tapers ( and ears ) and apply Vaseline and put them back in. So I just started using Teflon tape and I just took them out to clean them and I has to literally pull them out. For anyone who’s interested, H2Ocean really does make great pre-mixed aftercare sprays and washes. A 2 gauge is 6mm and a 0 gauge is 8mm so what you want is a 7mm plug or taper (you can find some of those here), but there are other more gradual methods you can use, and also special oils and stretching balms to help facilitate the stretch.
That’s a pretty big jump since an eight gauge is literally twice the size of a fourteen.
Most household tapes like duct tape or electrical tape are a bad idea because the adhesive can melt from the body heat, rub off, and cause irritations or infections. It is important to stretch slowly and safely, increasing only one gauge at a time, and only when your ears are fully healed from their most recent stretch. Glass and metal are the way to go because they aren’t porous, less likely to get infections, and in personal experience slides in a lot easier. Some of them even provide stretching as a service, usually using a special kind of straight taper.
Lube the taper really good with neosporin or any antibiotic lube and follow the taper with the plug.

Think about it very hard before you make these choices, ESPECIALLY before going to the larger gauges like 2g and up. I only jumped that big because the guy told me I can and he used an acrylic foldable plastic open plug. I used electrical tape before but the neospourin would always unstick the ends so I switched and Teflon sticks great but why will it not slide out like the electrical tape did?
I’m doing everything right, did a lot of research and it’s just not going what should I do?
I only taped on layer and the next night I showered a little longer and kept turning my gauges and then I put a stretching cream from amazon on my 0 gauge and turn the water to hot and it slipped right threw and I had no pain at all!
I put those in and they could only be rolled up into my ears, i toughed out some major pain, until sick to my stomach i decide i was going to take those out, and try taping my metal ones, i took the silicone out, and realized how bad that had gotten, my ears had tried to heal to the silicone and it ripped the entire inner layer out. Instead of bondage tape or anything like that, I have a ton if it laying around so it would be easier for me to use.
When I was putting electrical tape on my 2g plugs, I got up to 4 layers of tape and went to put in 00 tapers in and they slid right through without me having to go through so much pain again. For more information about how long to wait between gauge sizes, see our ear stretching FAQ's. You should wait until your ears are fully healed from piercing before starting to stretch and increase their gauge size. It’s just an athletic tape, and I wrap it on my sore and blistered toes without issues so that goes for ears as well, eh?
I just came across this article and not only did i find my taping info, i found answers to why i could understand the size up issue.

Recently I have decided I want to make my way up to a 0g and don’t want to go through the pain of tapers (again). Right now I am just using the o-rings to keep the taper in place, but I obviously can’t go out like that. I use like this vitamin oil n stuff and my ears heal faster but the size 2 is really heavy..
When I went from 2-0 I had to just suck up the pain because I hadn’t heard of the tape idea. My own major tip is make sure you do it after a shower and disinfect your hands, tapers and plugs.
I just went back to my 0 and did a layerr of tape, now i don’t have to give up going to 00like i have worked for. I now have 4 layers of electrical tape on my tunnels and I was just curious of about how many layers of tape it would take for me to be at a 0g. Also bondage tape works well (at any sex store) but is more expensive (yet thicker so you need less) but use Teflon to start with. Only use steel or glass for stretching and make sure it’s single flared plugs or tunnels since they are easier to get in. The weight helps to stretch your lobe, and by the end of the day (with a little lube for comfort, it slides through the rest of the way easily.

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