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Swimmer’s ear is commonly caused by bacteria but numerous cases are also caused by yeast, particularly Candida albicans.
In the case of Swimmer’s ear, the ear canal gets infected by yeast due to its constant exposure to water and its consistent wet environmental condition from certain activities like swimming and diving. There are other conditions that may also lead to Swimmer’s ear despite the person is non-swimmer such as health practices that cause injury or skin break down in the ear canal like too frequent cleaning of the ear (removes protective earwax) and use of pointed or sharp objects in cleaning the ear.
Yeasts find it beneficial forming colonies on pre-injured sites because the first-line of defense is already down. However, the abovementioned manifestations of yeast infection are non-specific and can also be common among other types of ear infection. About UsAt Yeast Infection Fast Relief dot Com, we try to provide highest quality of articles and information related to yeast infection.
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He presented with a severe ear infection and a high temp, the doctor treated him with antibiotics etc, because he wasnt getting any better he sent him for an x ray and then a MRI scan.

However, it does not invade the ear immediately unless if the environment becomes conducive for its proliferation. The Candida yeast is typically distributed in the skin, mouth, gastrointestinal tract, vagina and many more areas throughout the body.
Likewise, the water may flush out the good bacteria in the skin of the ear canal as well as the earwax that serves as protection against microbial invasion. Having a pre-existing injury in the ear canal makes it more susceptible for opportunistic infection like Swimmer’s ear. The common signs and symptoms of an ear yeast infection like Otitis externa include itchiness, redness and pain in the outer or external ear canal. It is highly recommended to consult a physician specialized in EENT (Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat).
Aside from this, like other yeast infection, the doctor typically takes a specimen from the ear drainage and has it examined in the laboratory to confirm presence of yeast. This makes the yeast to freely reproduce as rapid as it could and results to yeast infection.
Mostly, this inflammatory process is accompanied by ear drainage or exudates that smell unpleasant. They are the authorized experts to differentiate various ear infections and at the same time can provide proper medical intervention.
Upon the verification of the diagnosis, the doctor then put an infected individual into an appropriate treatment regimen. Otitis externa is the inflammation of the outer ear, as opposed to the more serious conditions affecting the middle and inner ear. He immediately transferred him to Nicosia General Hospital where he underwent a 3 hour operation.

Hence, an ear yeast infection has been derived from this frequency among swimmers and it is referred to as Swimmer’s Ear or Otitis Externa. As the infection progresses, the individual may experience fever, inflammation of cervical (neck) lymph nodes, increasing severity of pain and total obstruction of the ear canal. In fact, even if one consults a general practitioner of medicine, still the said physician would refer someone to a specialist (EENT doctor) because this type of doctor possesses complete equipment for EENT cases. If the ear infection is caused by bacteria, an antibiotic eardrop is prescribed; otherwise if it is yeast, then an antifungal eardrop is indicated. It only waits for an opportunity when the immune system is weak or when there is disruption in the balance of the bacterial flora.
Pain reliever and anti-inflammatory medications will also be recommended as part of the treatment regimen to alleviate ear pain and swelling. There are several home remedies that can also be applied but consult the physician first to ensure safety. He continually kept in touch with me and phoned the hospital to get updates on my sons health. I was in a foreign country, my son seriously ill and the rest of my family had to return home. After he was discharged I begged my insurance company to transfer us back to Protaras so that the doctor could continue caring for my son.

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