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Some ear problems are so painful; the dog must be anesthetized to do a good job of cleaning the ears. Animals are commonly prone to ear infection, and this is one of the most common manifestations of allergy in dogs. Although any dog can get an ear infection, some breeds appear to be more prone than others. Although ear infection is common in all breeds, it’s more aggravated in breeds with long droopy ears. Sometimes, foreign materials like plant or bristles might find a way to the ear while playing in the park or rolling on the grass leading to severe itching.
Regular trimming of hair present near the ears as long hair facilitates the growth of various bacteria and ear parasites.
Clean the dog’s ears regularly with a proper ear cleaner as accumulated debris lead to various ear infections. In case of yeast infections, a proper antifungal which is recommended by the vet will help you eliminate the problem. Various medicines and ear-solutions can be either injected or topically administered by a veterinarian to reduce the problem. This is my favorite remedy because it works quicker than any other remedy and takes care of pain, infection  and speeds up overall healing process.
Belladonna( buy here) : Belladonna can be used if the infected side looks red and feels hot.
Hydrastis 200c is a natural antibiotic  which can be used for all kids of ear infections including ruptured eardrums.
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CAUTION: If you have an earache, fever, chills or discharge from your ear, see your doctor immediately. Alcohol, rubbing Rubbing alcohol not only kills germs but causes water trapped in the ear to evaporate. Apple cider vinegar If you notice water stopping up your ears, put three or four drops, diluted in equal parts with water or alcohol, in your ear after showering or swimming.
Hair dryer Use the warm (never hot!) setting of your hair dryer and place it about an arm's length from the ear and slowly move it back and forth. Vinegar (distilled white) Put 2-3 drops of full strength white vinegar into the ear every two hours. Dogs with long droopy ears, like Cocker Spaniels and Basset Hounds, or dogs with hairy inner ear flaps, like Miniature Poodles and Schnauzers, tend to have a higher occurrence of ear infections.
Diseases like Dermatomyositis, Primary Seborrhea and some tumors in the ears fall under this category.
Presence of ear mites may cause excessive discomfort and the resultant scratching might create various problems in the ears.
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My 3 and 1 year old are yet to have their first ear infection but I have successfully used it on others.
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Infections can be caused by both bacterial and fungal origin, as well as small organisms such as ear mites.

In case the defense mechanism in a dog is weakened by bacteria or yeast the ear can have critical and permanent damage. With increasing number of Vaccines and Antibiotics its no surprise that Ear Infection is becoming more and more common. After swimming or showering you may notice your hearing is fuzzy, which indicates water in the ear.
Antibiotics do not work for Ear Infection, they only disturb your Baby’s Gut Flora and make the problem worse. It might look like Antibiotics have worked but its just a temporary relief and it will only create a cascade of more Ear Infections.
Use this simple test to see if you have swimmer's ear: grab your ear and pull it forward gently, and wiggle it. A more serious ear infection, with pus in the ear, may be caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. If the pain increases you more than likely have an ear problem that can be helped with one of the following remedies.
If the pain stays the same, you may have a middle ear problem which will need medical attention. Other symptoms of an inner ear infection are: hearing loss, a yellowish or milky discharge from the ear, or a sudden, sharp pain in the ear.

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