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Wax present in the ear traps bacteria and other external particles and prevents it from entering the inner ears. A very natural home remedy to clean ear is by using a bulb syringe containing warm water to drain the hardened wax.
The inner ear is very delicate and therefore whatever means of cleaning are used, they should not damage the ears.
If you are using an over the counter medication like hydrogen peroxide, consult a doctor first.
A little ignorance and the ear drum will get damaged causing impairment for the rest of the life.

First and foremost, whenever cleaning the inner ears,use very soft materials like cotton cloth or cotton balls. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Secondly, extreme cases of respiratory infection also cause ears to get blocked with cough.
Here are a few ways by which the inner delicate ear can be cleaned by natural home-made remedies. Firstly, water should not be hot and secondly, do not use too much pressure on the bulb syringe as this might put pressure on the ear drum.

Thirdly, water entering the ear drums causes clogging of ears.In all the above cases there are home remedies to clean ears.

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