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This oil usually contains rejuvenating properties that usually treat the keloid scars effectively. It usually affects the growth of fibroblast cells in the tissues and that inhibits the growth of scars on the skin. Whenever a  function over the skins get going like ear piercings, vaccinations, burns, cuts and even the insect bites, then the keloid scars get started to appear. You need to mix equal amounts of lavender oil, coconut oil, and calendula oil to prepare a mixture.

The person needs to crush 4 lobes of the garlic and place them on the scars for 20 minutes. This mixture should be applied to the affected area through a cotton ball and after 30 minutes the skin is to be washed with cool water.
It has been found that the cause of these scars on the skin is due to the excess depositions of collagen, the skin repairing enzyme.
Then this mixture is to be applied on the scars and should be gently massaged for 15 minutes.

My mother has all kinds of trouble but she cant use the peroxide in her ears due to holes in the drums.

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