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Keloid is considered to be a type of scar that intensifies depending upon the level of maturity. Keloidal scar can occur due to several factors including burns, skin trauma and scratching. Another simple yet effective home remedy that can be used for the treatment of keloids in ears is through the application of potassium iodide. The first-line therapy that is available for treating Keloidal scars in ears is by the means of Intra-lesional corticosteroids.
One of the other possible way by which it is possible to treat Keloids in ears is by means of excision.
The recurrence rate can rise to over fifty percent if the patients are treated with a combination therapy. Keloids in ears can also be treated by means of compression therapy.
There are a number of natural scar creams that can also help if one desires to get effective treatment from keloids in ears.
The best treatment for keloids is prevention by avoiding nonessential cosmetic surgery and early recognition of scars.
Due to the size of the scar in the patient above, she was referred to a plastic surgeon for removal of the scar. An agent that dissolves or breaks down the outer layer of skin (keratins), often used to remove warts.
We offer a full range of dermatology and skin care services to ensure your skin is healthy and beautiful.

We specialize in treating conditions, such as: acne and acne scarring, eczema, skin & nail fungus, melasma & sunspots, psoriasis, rosacea, skin cancer, warts, age spots, vitiligo. There are a number of treatment facilities that are available for the above-mentioned problem. One can also apply a mixture of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and baking soda as a possible home remedy for the treatment of keloids in ears. It has been found that more than seventy percent of the patients are well cured by means of the above-mentioned treatment. Excision can always be used if it is not possible to get relief by means of simple injection therapy.
The patient did not note any pain or discomfort, but she was concerned with the appearance. Keloid scars occur more commonly in African Americans, and people between the ages of 10 and 20 years-old.
In patients who are known to develop keloids, early treatment with steroid injections can help minimize the growth of the scar.
After surgery, it is important to keep a careful watch on the area since there is a risk of another scar developing.
It needs to be mentioned that prevention is the best possible treatment that is known to exist. Lugol’s solution which is basically a mixture of iodine, water and potassium iodide can also be used for the above-mentioned ear problem.

The keloids are appreciably reduced through the application of slight pressure on the capillaries of the skin. The abovementioned products contain several natural ingredients that can prove to be quite effective for the keloid treatment.
Erbium-YAG laser followed later by Intralesional steroid injection may be given for flattening the keloid.
While keloids are benign and are not medically necessary to remove, many patients are concerned with the appearance of the scar. Any part of the human body where abrasion has occurred formation of keloids can take place.
Treatment with apple cider vinegar is one of the best home remedy treatments that are available.
Patients who have been treated with excision therapy show a recurrence rate of close to forty five to fifty percent.

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