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Below are photos of this ubiquitous and sometimes dangerous mold, courtesy of toxicologist, immunotoxicologist, and fetal toxicologist Dr.
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30 Day Money Back GuaranteeIf any product you order fails to satisfy your needs, we offer a full 30-day product return. Otolaryngologists (also known Ear, Nose & Throat doctors) specialize in disorders of the head and neck ranging from hearing loss to cancer. If you would like to use the site beyond typical consumer use, please consider purchasing a subscription to help support the operation. The name comes from the observation of the Italian priest-biologist who first documented the genus: He thought the fungi looked like an aspergillum, the instrument that sprinkles holy water.

Eric Berg is an ENT-otolaryngologist in Dallas, Texas and is affiliated with UT Southwestern Medical Center. Carol Foster is an ENT-otolaryngologist in Aurora, Colorado and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Memorial Hospital and University of Colorado Hospital. Molds belonging to the Aspergillus family are quite common; they love to grow on starchy food, for example, and are more than likely the type of mold you might encounter growing on bread. He received his medical degree from Emory University School of Medicine and has been in practice between 6-10 years.
She received her medical degree from University of California San Diego School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Aspergillus can cause various infections in humans, including external ear infections, ulcers, and skin lesions.

Byproducts of Aspergillus can be toxic or carcinogenic, and this mold is also notorious for causing allergic disease.
He is one of 33 doctors at UT Southwestern Medical Center who specialize in Otolaryngology.
She is one of 31 doctors at Memorial Hospital and one of 21 at University of Colorado Hospital who specialize in Otolaryngology.

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