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Doctors Ericka King, Derek Lam, Carol MacArthur, Henry Milczuk, Mark Richardson, Lourdes Quintanilla-Dieck and Nurse Practitioners Kandice Bowman and Monica Deshpande provide care for all types of ear, nose, and throat problems that affect children. Together, we focus our expertise and technology to the unique needs of children and families.
A team approach to the care of the medically complex children, working with other doctors or specialists, to treat conditions such as cystic fibrosis, hematologic disorders, Down syndrome, pediatric cardiac disease, etc. Our faculty is also devoted to research that will further the science of pediatric ear, nose, and throat care and, as such, will help us treat our patient with the most up-to-date techniques, medicine and information.
Our doctors and nurse practitioner see patients in the Physician's Pavilion and Doernbecher Children's Hospital in the main OHSU campus, and also at the Doernbecher Children's Hospital Westside Clinic. We work with providers in OHSU Otolaryngology and with doctors in Doernbecher Children's Hospital to provide you and your child with the best team for your child's condition. Appointments Please call 503 494-5350 for information about appointments with our providers at any of our locations. Oregon Health & Science University is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for all Oregonians through excellence, innovation and leadership in health care, education and research. The company produced some prototypes, sent them around the country, and have decided to produce a line of instruments after receiving positive reviews. The instruments allow for improved handling of delicate tissues in the ear, and have revolutionized his own approach to surgery. Olson frequently visits Holden Village, a Lutheran retreat center in eastern Washington near Lake Chelan. Olson took his brainchild to his friend Steve McMinn, who owns Pacific Rim Tonewoods, a leading supplier of premium tonewoods for guitars and other stringed instruments. Taylor Guitars, a well-known name among musicians and music lovers, is one of McMinn’s clients. McMinn donated local maple with a unique character for the sides and back of the guitar, as well as all the milling and transportation required to get the wood to Taylor. The SOAR Conference will bring together distinguished faculty from across the United States as well as abroad.
Dr.Lichtenberger teaches his eyelid procedure technique Published December 6, 2013 Dr.
Dr.Verneuil speaks on swallowing problemsHow Botox can help with speech and swallowing disorders Published November 26, 2013 Dr.
Program Facilities and Direction The Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery's outpatient clinic facility is located in the Physician's Pavilion building, adjacent to the main OHSU Hospital. The Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery admits patients to OHSU Hospital, Doernbecher Children's Hospital, Providence St. Doernbecher Children's Hospital includes an extensive outpatient facility as well as 120 inpatient beds. The Audiology division consists of licensed audiologists and provides basic and advanced evaluations, including ABR, ECOG, otoacoustic emissions, intraoperative monitoring, cochlear implant evaluations and rehabilitation, vestibular assessments, and hearing aid dispensing. Within the department, there is a temporal bone lab, complete with eight fully equipped positions. The Northwest Center for Voice and Swallowing, our voice disorders program, under the direction of Joshua Schindler, M.D. The Oregon Hearing Research Center is a division of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and participates closely with the residency training program. The department's other affiliations include the Westside Primary Care, which offers pediatric and audiology patient care, and NW Kaiser Permanente.
The site now contains modern buildings belonging to the property letting agents Sofia House. The Impressionist painter James Abbott McNeill Whistler, painted several portraits of his brother, but is perhaps best known for his work Arrangement in Gray and Black, the painting popularly known as Whistler's mother. With the help of our friendly staff, Crystal, Myrihe, Marina, Huong, Martha, Laneesha, Tracy and Jennifer, we strive to provide compassionate, family-centered, and timely care for our patients.
MacArthur and Milczuk have been named as one of Portland's Best Doctors for the past several years. We are dedicated to providing the best care possible for your whole family, while caring for your child. These tools were introduced and promoted at the national convention in Dallas in September 2015.

The village is the site of a long-inactive copper mine where there is a monumental clean-up effort underway. Looking up at those 250-year-old spruce trees, Olson saw a cycle of rejuvenation that extended far beyond the clean-up site. While that is the scale of this international problem, just imagine that we’re talking about you.
Olson to instruct at two regional conferences this winter Published December 18, 2013 Dr. Lichtenberger was among the faculty at a 2-day medical resident education course held November 14 to 16 at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.
Lichtenberger performed a demonstration of eyelid procedures to residents and assisted in teaching all aspects of facial surgery. Andrew Verneuil from Bellingham ENT was invited to give a presentation to the annual meeting of the Washington State Speech Language Pathology Association (WSHLA) as a part of the Dysphagia symposium.
The department has a total of 18 examining rooms, 10 treatment rooms, four audiometric testing booths, three voice rooms, and a vestibular laboratory. The Department of Otolaryngology is closely associated with this hospital, utilizing clinic space and operating rooms.
The lab occupies 17,000 square feet of the Mark Hatfield Research Center adjacent to the hospital, as well as 4,000 square feet in the Medical Research Building. The National Center for Rehabilitative Audiology Research (NCRAR) is located at the PVAMC, and is a source of collaboration and research resources. Because our training is focused on pediatric care, we only take care of children 0-18 years (and their families). While children and adults can sometimes have similar diseases, children require a different approach because they are not simply "small adults". McMinn initially dismissed the idea, too many moving parts and too many parties required to get the job done.
Imagine that every day you had to worry about whether the water you drink would make you or your children sick or worse. David Olson cared enough about the fundamental struggles being experienced by people a world away to make this World Water Day a little brighter.
David Olson, a local specialist in otologic surgery (ears and hearing), has been invited to instruct other Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeons at two conferences this winter. The health care system includes nearly 1,000 beds -- OHSU Hospital is licensed for 509 beds and the VA Medical Center is licensed for 490 beds.
The audiology division, and Cochlear Implant Program, is integrated into the children's hospital for speech pathology, implant care, and audiologic care.
This clinic is involved in the management of difficult voice and speech problems, including management of the professional voice. The OHRC faculty work closely with our residents to develop and carry out research, and there are summer opportunities for medical students to participate in research projects underway. In addition, the department is affiliated with Tucker-Maxon Oral School, which is an oral training school for the profoundly hard of hearing in Portland. We have clinics at OHSU-Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland (Physicians Pavilion, 3147 SW Sam Jackson Park Road, 97239) and in the Bethany Village in Beaverton at our Westside Clinic (15220 NW Laidlaw Road, 97229). We work as a team to provide excellent and directed care for the problems and diseases of children.
The project involves diverting and realigning waterways, which requires cutting down numerous trees. When we say that we work with our donors to help achieve their philanthropic goals, we mean it.
The Northwest Academy of Otolaryngology will hold its annual meeting on January 11 in Seattle, and Dr.
State of the art surgical techniques will be discussed and demonstrated at this conference, including some of Dr. Lichtenberger, facial plastic surgeons from UW, Swedish and Virginia Mason, among others in the Seattle area, as well as from Oregon Health & Science University, Stanford in California, and from Vancouver, BC, Canada, provided lectures and surgical instruction in facial plastic and reconstructive. His lecture was on dysphagia (swallowing problems) related to cricopharyngeal muscle spasm and Zenker’s diverticulum. The department's administrative offices and secretarial staff are located adjacent to the clinic.

The department offers laryngeal physiology (for research and treatment), as well as newer treatments of voice disorders including Botox injection and implants.
During a 2013 visit, Olson recognized that some of those trees were old-growth Engelmann spruce. And, he wanted them to make a difference in the world: to be transformed into guitars with a portion of the sales proceeds flowing to organizations helping to bring clean water to people in Central America. Olson is scheduled to participate in a panel discussion of pediatric otology with other experts from Washington State. Olson’s innovations – another example of the cutting edge medicine being practiced at Bellingham ENT. He covered the state of the art treatments that are currently being done by the physicians of Bellingham ENT. Milczuk now has a Saturday Clinic at the Westside location once a month to better accommodate our patients busy schedules.
Lam has research interests in sleep disorders and sleep apnea and also in airway reconstruction. These include BOTOX injections to the cricopharyngeus muscle, cricopharyngeal myotomy, and Zenker’s diverticulum surgery both traditional and minimally invasive endoscopic surgery.
Our facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and sinus clinics are located at the Center for Health & Healing in Portland's South Waterfront District. But their abilities are limited in certain situations, especially when background noise is present and disruptive. State Department recognition honors the company’s transformative work in the ebony trade.
We also have the privilege of turning gifts from Taylor Guitars into grants that will be transformed into clean water.
The physicians of Bellingham ENT work closely with speech pathologist to develop a team approach to patients with speech and swallowing disorders. All of our locations are easily accessible via public transportation, including the Portland tram, and bikes and car-shares are encouraged to limit traffic and ease patient access to our buildings. The lab is dedicated to hearing research, including vascular diseases of the ear, treatment outcomes, and hair cell regeneration.
Assistive listening devices can help overcome these obstacles and improve the ability to hear in challenging listening environments.Assistive listening devices, or ALDs, are essentially personal amplifiers.
They consist of several components: a microphone, transmitter, receiver and listening attachment. The microphone is positioned near the speaker, and speech is sent from the transmitter to the receiver. Quintanilla specializes in patients with thyroid problems, neck masses and speech problems. From there, it is delivered directly to the user’s ear or, alternatively, to a hearing aid or cochlear implant. Where a hearing aid usually has a built-in microphone and works by amplifying sound, it is unable to differentiate between speech and background noise. However, we all share an interest in seeing all children who may have ear, nose, throat, head and neck problems. We frequently attend regional and national meetings in our specialty, which allows us to bring the latest and best practices to our patients in Portland and Oregon. We have the following multi-specialty clinics: Hemangioma and Vascular Birthmarks, Congenital Hearing Loss, DCH Aerodigestive Clinic, Voice Clinic, Cleft and Craniofacial Clinic.
Sound waves tend to bounce off hard surfaces, causing reverberation and distortion and hampering the ability to hear.When the background is noisy. We appreciate the recommendation and are honored by your kind words about our medical practice.

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