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The School of Christ International, now functioning in many countries of the world, has proven to be one of the most effective tools for world evangelism in the history of missions. Donal Chance is the pastor of Bible Tabernacle Church in Bridge City, LA and president of the Bayou Land Missions in Bridge City, LA. John Rich has been affiliated with Victory Temple and its ministries for 37 years under the leaderships of Pastor Clendennen and Pastor Robert Turnage.
Daren Downs is a full-time missionary that began working in the foreign field in 1993 when he made his first trip to Russia to sponsor a former student of the School of Christ in Moscow. Richard Goebel has been supporting the School of Christ since 1996 and working with the School in Ethiopia since 2006. David Gearheart went to Russia in 1991 to help Pastor Clendennen with the first School of Christ.
Curtis McGehee has been the Senior Pastor at Abiding Life Church in Whitney, Texas for 30 years.
Stephen McKay went through the School of Christ in 2004, and it was there that God began to speak to his heart about missions.
Pete Spackman is the Director of the School of Christ International Prison Ministries in North and South America, and Russia. Lee Shipp is the founder and senior pastor of First New Testament Church in Baton Rouge, LA and has worked with the School of Christ since 1992.
Aubry Tyler is the pastor of the Full Gospel Church in Center Point, LA, and began working with the School of Christ in 1995.
There is an urgency about us, for we believe we shall stand before God and give an account for what we have and have not done.
The entire focus of the School of Christ is to train and send the native to his or her own people. Though knowledge and doctrine are included in our learning, these are nothing without the manifest life of Christ in the believer. As pastor, Pastor Turnage and the church have carried on a home and foreign missionary ministry program that includes weekly television services and outreach to help build the Kingdom of God. Pastor Robert Turnage, who is the pastor of Victory Temple, and the daughter of Bertram and Janice Clendennen.

John was asked to be on the board of the School of Christ at the request of Brother Clendennen in 1999.
Marion Dodson, after retiring from his practice as an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, moved to Honduras to do humanitarian work. He remembers clearly the day that he sat at breakfast with Pastor Clendennen in the country of Jordan.
Papua New Guinea, a small island nation in the South Pacific, has been the main country where he has worked with the School of Christ as director. Joel traveled to Russia with the School of Christ in 1995 as the Director of the Kaliningrad Region of Russia. He started by planting churches with SOC graduates, holding crusades, and overseeing graduations.
This four CD series of sermons on "Companions of Christ" was produced at Victory Temple in Beaumont, Texas for a weekly radio program and has never been offered before. The School of Christ takes seriously the command of Jesus to preach the Gospel to every creature. Our purpose in every Nation is for these native pastors and leaders to go out from the School of Christ to build new Pentecostal churches and to strengthen the existing churches. The School proceeds on the principal that, the creature is here to contain and manifest the Creator. With the passing of Brother Clendennen in 2009, Pastor Turnage assumed the role as President of the School of Christ International. He has continued in that capacity throughout the leadership of Brother Clendennen, Pastor Robert Turnage, and now Darrell Turner.
He was introduced to Pastor Clendennen and the School of Christ in 2005, and became Director over Honduras. God confirmed the call He had placed on his life in 1995 to become a full-time missionary with the School of Christ. Clendennen in Ireland, Britain, and Europe, seeking to raise up a voice once again to call this prodigal continent back to God. He has also ministered around the world working with the School of Christ in such places as Armenia, Africa, Asia, China, Vietnam, Europe, the Middle East, the Fiji Islands, South and Central America, and Israel.

He also travels to run Schools and conferences in other areas of the world where ever he is needed.
During the next five years he participated in Schools across Russia and the Republic of Georgia. In 2001 I started working with the prisons in the United States.” The Pete Spackman Volunteer of the Year Award was instituted in 2009 by CCA's Inmate Programs department, with the inaugural honor bestowed to its namesake. Brother Shipp has served on the Board of Directors of the School of Christ and currently he is serving as Director over Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, and Serbia. Your collection of sermons would never be complete without these truths preached by Brother Clendennen.
When the name formally changed in 2003 to the School of Christ International she became the Administrator. He has pioneered many mission works and churches among the Venezuelans, Columbians, and Wayuu Indians. John believes the School of Christ is one of, if not the most, effective ministries in the hands of the Holy Spirit in these last days to sweep the earth and reap the last day harvest. The work has grown into the surrounding countries of El Salvador, Columbia, Nicaragua, Cuba, Guatemala, Panama, Bolivia, and Venezuela. He has been involved in organizing conventions in different countries as well as traveling to preach and teach.
He is over the School of Christ operations in all of the CCA owned prisons, jails, and detention centers.
He is over the full-time School of Christ in Valencia, where students from all over Venezuela and Columbia are brought to be trained. Clendennen asked Joel to be the Director of East Asia School of Christ, and since that time he has traveled extensively throughout China, Mongolia, and Russia.

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