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Carlson Ear Nose and Throat Associates places the highest priority on providing the very best experience that we can to every single patient.
Carlson ENT has the most skilled and diverse medical team in the Ear Nose and Throat field that you will find in Tucson. Our team of rehabilitation specialists help patients re-learn lost skills and acquire new adaptive skills in order to maximize independence and regain self-esteem. Carondelet Health Network has been providing residents of Tucson and Southern Arizona with comprehensive rehabilitation services for more than 40 years.
Using an organized, coordinated team approach, Rehabilitation Services cares for patients with all levels of rehabilitative needs. All have specialized training in the evaluation and treatment of neurological disorders and injuries. Patients, their family members and caregivers work together to build a rehabilitation plan. Rehabilitation Services has implemented several unique approaches to treatment, including the use of LiteGait®, a suspension system that allows a therapist to safely move a person from a seated position to a proper upright posture. PAWS for Health is a unique animal assisted therapy program which pairs trained and certified animals with licensed rehabilitation therapists during individual physical, occupational or speech therapy treatment sessions.

All service programs are customized by physicians, therapists and nurses specializing in neurological care to meet the individual patient’s needs. Rehabilitation Services is the only local program that provides physical therapy services in the Emergency Department.
Inpatient services are provided seven days a week within the specialized 20-bed inpatient Rehabilitation Center or the Neurological Inpatient Center at St.
Carondelet’s Neurological Outpatient Rehabilitation Program provides an individualized, client-centered approach.
Patients and their caregivers can participate in ongoing stroke, brain injury, and communication support groups. For more information, to make an appointment or to have your physician make a referral, please call (520) 873-5847. Carondelet Neurological Institute’s Rehabilitation Services are designed to provide patients with a bridge from illness and injury to health and well being.
Care is provided to individuals with a temporary, progressive, or permanent neurological illness or injury that has interrupted or altered the ability to live and function independently.
Proper posture is maintained throughout the training session, facilitating changes in posture, balance, specific muscular strength and overall gait patterns.

Comprehensive aquatic services are provided to facilitate recovery and promote physical well-being through movement in water. The activities in each session help improve the patient’s balance, range of motion, mobility, coordination, memory and endurance.
Physical, occupational and speech-language therapy, along with rehabilitation counseling is provided.
Groups and classes assist patients in their transition back into the community and daily life. Support service offerings include pool therapy, hearing services and psychological counseling.

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