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Orthopedists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and disorders of the skeletal system and associated joints, muscles, and ligaments.
Cayuga Medical Associates accepts your insurance and the service(s) you seek are covered by your policy. Cayuga Medical Associates accepts your insurance, but some or all of the service(s) you seek are not covered by your policy. We suggest that you discuss coverage with your employer or your private insurance carrier before you seek treatment at Cayuga Medical Associates, both to make certain you are insured and to learn how much of your treatment is likely to be covered by your policy. When you get your bill, if you are unable to pay your entire balance due in a single payment, we will work with you to set up a payment plan. For medical care as a result of an auto injury, please provide us with your auto insurance information in addition to your health insurance. If you do not have insurance coverage or if you have a balance after insurance has paid, the information provided here is important.

Cayuga Medical Associates understands that medical care can sometimes result in an unexpected financial burden.
Financial assistance for qualified patientsClick here to learn more about financial assistance guidelines and to download an application. Sports injuries, broken bones, dislocated joints, torn ligaments, joint replacement surgery, minimally invasive joint revision, trauma and fracture surgery for accident victims all fall within the domain of orthopedic specialists. Since many insurance policies are unique, please contact your insurance company to verify coverage. The bill will be sent directly to your employer or your employer's Worker's Compensation carrier. The physicians at Orthopedic Services of CMA address all types of musculoskeletal injuries, both surgical and nonsurgical. You may contact us at 1-607-882-0010 to set up a payment plan or to apply for financial assistance.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your employer completes an accident claim and the appropriate Worker's Compensation papers to ensure prompt payment. In addition to general orthopedics, our areas of subspecialty expertise include surgery of the foot and ankle, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and joint replacement.
Cayuga Medical Associates will bill both your primary and secondary insurance carriers, so it is important for you to make sure you have provided us with current insurance information.

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