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Is excess ear cheese from stretching because of bad jewelry or do I just need to clean them more? So far I haven’t been too hurt by this but this could really be a problem for some people esp since I don’t know what exactly is in the paint! What’s worse is the type I’m wearing was advertized as SNAKE BITES so this woulda come off in some poor persons mouth!! Is it possible to find a good piercer that's not an APP member, or should I stick to APP members only?
It is absolutely possible for a piercer to be reputable and not be an APP member(although they should totally join because we’re better in numbers!). Products and specialitiesMedicine, pharmacy products, basic essentials, passport photographs, beauty requirements.

A collection of beautiful, professionally pierced, well cared for, well stretched, safe, and generally awesome modifications!
The coating is essentially PART of the metal, so while it may fade slightly with wear, it is not harmful and will not flake off. APP membership only signifies that a piercer meets a certain minimum standard that we’ve set forth for our industry, it does not signify skill level in any way.
I got one done about a month ago at a really great piercing studio, and it's all been good, but I noticed a very tiny bump on the inside of my ear right by the bar. It's not bruised, bleeding, or sore -- but I do have some worries that it might turn into an infection -- even with the daily soaks and care. If you are confident that your jewelry is a decent quality then I would think about chemical irritation from things like soap or shampoo.

Hair care products can be very irritating to new piercings when not avoided or at least rinsed thoroughly. The glass plugs are labelled as such and I find that the taper sets can be really hit or miss there.

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