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The tides are shifting in the circumcision arena as more parents in recent years see the practice as barbaric and unnecessary. At the age of five(ish?) I made my own choice to get my ears pierced at the glamourous emporium known as Claire's at the mall. The burden of bad public policy has left Chicago’s broad shoulders shrugging – here’s how to fix it. While young, hip, naturalists will smoke a bowl with one hand and tsk ear-piercing with the other, hispanic populations embrace early ear-piercing as a normal part of life.
As long as the family is contemplative and informed and the procedure is legal, parents should make the best decisions for their children. My friend Maria argued that babies are poked and prodded at birth so much they barely notice getting their ear pierced.

Although it is reversible, it's a semi-permanent procedure that could lead to infection or scarring. Sometimes that means people are going to do things we don't like or wouldn't choose for ourselves.
And although we're in charge of their little bodies (no smoking, ever, missy) their bodies are actually theirs to make long-term decisions about and upon which to make modifications. Of course I got the glittery pink studs and twisted them and slathered them with ear solution like a soldier.
By these arguments though, no child should get their ears pierced until they are of legal adult age and able to fully accept the consequences and responsibilities. I once pierced my own ear with a blunt stud during 10th grade gym class and cleaned it with spit.

Chocolate? Opponents of early ear-piercing take it a step further and compare it to the issue of circumcision and that hiding behind the excuse of culture of no reason to harm a child. However when it comes to my own precious daughters, whom I'd like to bubble wrap and freeze in time like the Iceman, I forbid ear piercing until some later date when we're all more educated and aliens rule space.

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