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In the ancient temples of the Aztecs and Mayans, Shamens and High Priests pierced their tongues as part of a ritual to communicate with their gods.
Nipple Peircing by The Red Parlour Tattoo Woodside Queens NY NY: Many contemporary authors and body piercing enthusiasts have made attempts to explain the history or development of body piercing in Western Culture, prior to its contemporary practice. Male genital piercing have a wild and varied history, with instances showing up in numerous cultures and times as the samples below will bear out.
Dyodes Piercings usually worn in pairs, is piercing around the coronal edge of the penis head. William Scrots, King's Painter to Henry VIII and his son Edward VI, was paid a salary twice as large as that of his predecessor, Hans Holbein?
Thomas Stanley was an officer of the Royal Mint at the Tower of London under four monarchs—Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I? Samuel Hieronymus Grimm, a Swiss painter, toured England for twenty years leaving 2,662 sketches in the British Library -- including the only known image of the coronation of Edward VI? Sir John Luttrell, an English soldier and diplomat under Henry VIII and Edward VI, was the subject of an allegorical portrait (pictured) by Hans Eworth celebrating peace with France and Scotland? Edward VI of England's 1547 Injunctions mandated that a copy of the English translation of the Paraphrases of Erasmus was to be kept in every parish church? Thank You "Latest Best Of NY" and CBS New York for having us make the list of best places to have your child's ears pierced. A brand-new, unused, and unworn item (including handmade items) that is not in original packaging or may be missing original packaging materials (such as the original box or bag). We take the time to explain all aftercare to advise you through the Piercing process.We Offer a large selection of Jewelry for Body Piercings at Low Prices.

Thousands of years later, and it is still a popular piercing, although for different reasons. In Africa, the women of the Makololo tribe of Malawi wear plates called 'Pelele' in their upper lip, to arouse the men in their tribes. Then it was only the Pharos and their Royal families who were permitted to pierce their navels. In Dreamtime by Hans Peter Duerr, he claims that nipple piercing became popular in 14th century Europe. The piercing of the glans of the penis for the insertion of jewelry is a very ancient practice.
Barbell studs are worn in the piercing, and should have small heads as the pressure from standard large head barbells could pull the piercing to the surface.
Tribes in central and South America pierced their lower lips and stretched the hole to fit in wooden plates. There is evidence, both anecdotal and photographic, that nipple piercing was practiced in Europe during the late 19th century and in the early 20th century, but it was not considered to be a common practice. They are one of the simpler and more common genital piercings performed on women, and are often pierced in symmetrical pairs.
The apadravya piercing is mentioned in the Kama Sutra (700AD) and the palang piercing has been practised in SE Asia for several hundred years. This piercing is only appropriate for a man who has been circumcised, and is said to return some of the sensation lost with the removal of the foreskin. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.

Now, lip piercing is more common among the general populace, more often on the lower lip, however recently upper lip piercing has become popular. However, if a peasant girl was born with 'The perfect belly button' she was sometimes permitted to have it pierced, and therefore to elevate her social standing. It is sometimes claimed that Roman centurions practiced nipple piercing and that soldiers attached their capes to the piercings. Like all genital piercings, depending on jewelry and placement, they may provide additional stimulation to one or both partners during sexual intercourse. This particular myth owes its popularity to Doug Malloy, an American piercing pioneer who published pamphlets in the late 1970's promoting his highly fanciful histories of body piercing.
The natives of central America once pierced their nipples as a mark of the transition to manhood.
The honor guard of the Roman Ceasars would also pierce their nipples to show their and duty to protect their emperor. In the 1890's it was all the rage for Victorian women to pierce their nipple with jewelery sold by the famous jewelers of Paris.

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