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Hearing protection for musicians and concerts is becoming more popular -- with good reason. The basic truth here is that protecting your hearing at clubs and concerts will help to protect your hearing now -- which translates into the ability to continue enjoying your favorite music a few years down the road. I recently found some ear plugs that I got from riding on an airplane and started using those they work great I can bang on my drum all day and it sounds fairly quiet. Ask your local ENT physician about Doc’s Proplugs and asked to be fitted for your own custom earplug.
Single 14.2mm Precision Dynamic Driver Delivers the sonic experience of full sized headphones, in a small IEH package.
Volumes during acoustic performances with drums and bass can easily climb up over 100dB of noise; that's loud enough to begin causing permanent noise induced hearing loss within just five minutes. Originally designed for musicians as on-stage in-ear monitors, the ASG-1.5 delivers a full-bodied, warm, organic sound with an incredible and articulate bass response that is captivating. So treat your ears right, right now!That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice sound quality to protect your ears. A patented Venturi-shaped sound channel and patented unique ceramic noise filters allow pure and clear listening to music at a safe volume.

The back of the package says the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is 33 Decibels, which is the highest NRR, according to the package. You've heard the after effects of this damage yourself, when your ears are ringing the next day after a show. The triple flange design and hypoallergenic thermoplastic material deliver an excellent seal against noise and a comfortable fit that won't fall out in the mosh pit. With NoNoise Music Earplugs, those truly dangerous noise levels (think: that moment when the whole crowd screams) get "cranked down" so you're clear to relax and enjoy the music, without the ringing ears afterward. I used my fingers to roll the plug up into a tight cylinder, then it fit right into my ear. These plugs look larger than your average plugs, so once they expand they cover the most surface area. They work just as they're supposed to.ConsThe only cons I could really think of is 1) The plugs themselves take about 15-25 seconds to fully expand in my ear, and 2) my instructor sometimes calls out variations and stuff between each rep, and with these the voices of people around me were muffled as well. Wrap-It-UpThese are great, probably the best out of the two I bought (and also better than my previous ear plug). The back of the package says the NRR is 32 decibels, so just 1 decibel less than the Xtreme Protection.

This package also comes with 8 pairs and a free case, so 1 more pair than the Xtreme.ProsThese also fit really nicely. I have to say they aren't as filling in my ears as the Xtreme, but that's obviously because they're smaller.
I didn't notice a big difference in hearing reduction from the Xtreme, which is a good thing. It's also a better value than the Xtreme (with 8 pairs instead of 7).ConsThese have pretty much the same cons as the Xtreme, the delay in time between insertion and noise reduction, and the muffled speech. I like the Xtreme better for some reason, but I would say you would want to go with this kind for the value.

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