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Upon wearing the ear plugs, you will hear a sound that is equivalent to that of a vacuum right in your ears. Although these earplugs are really soft and meant to wear to sleep, you can still feel them when you sleep on your side, or even when you’re sleeping on your back if you have sensitive ears. It is best to make sure you dry your ears every day after stepping out of the shower, so that when you wear your earplugs at night, you aren’t clogging any remaining water that may still be sitting inside.
After experiencing the quality rest with the ear plugs, I doubt I will be doing without them often from now on.
I got a pair of the mould-like ones as samples, which i think could be the ones you are referring to.
I am living in a dorm where ear plugs are almost obligatory since I have a fridge in my room. Your hearing is one of your most important sensory tools, and harmful exposure to all types of noise can cause permanent damage. Their revolutionary "talk through your ears" technology, provides a unique solution to those who use big headsets for communication in high noise environments.
It’s interesting because it is quiet after wearing, but not so quiet at the same time because the silence is loud. The worst part is once my ear itched a little in the middle of the night, but I had to ignore the itch to save myself the hassle of removing the earplugs to scratch my ear and then putting it back on again.

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I am quite a light sleeper and used to be really sensitive to the sounds around me when I’m asleep. Although it takes a little getting used to when using ear plugs, the amount of rest I got after using them made it all worthwhile. I definitely recommend this to light sleepers or those who really treasure their beauty sleep.
This, combined with our comprehensive audiological services and education to our diverse clientele, produces a winning combination under any circumstance. We're convinced that once you give them a test drive, you'll never go back to what you were using. Because my work hours are not the typical 9-5, I sometimes wake up at 9 or even 10am if I have nothing on early in the day. Apart from being designed to block out noises, I believe very much that the vacuum-like sound helps in making you less susceptible to waking up from sudden loud noises.

I told my friends about the ear plugs I just bought and they seem to think I’m a little too adventurous with looking for solutions just so I can get more quality sleep.
So that I sometimes use two alarm clocks to make sure I wake up – but mostly I loose one of the ear plugs at night and than its easy to wake up. But as the rest of the world bustles from as early as 7am, I find myself waking up to noisy neighbors or random sounds from outside on most mornings. The vacuum sound works like white noise, which actually creates a sound that overrides the noises you may hear in the background. Add that to a sleeping person, those background sounds will be so muffled out, and so chances are you won’t even hear them. Would you consider investing in a pair of earplugs to improve the quality of sleep you are getting? And so, I have decided to try using ear plugs instead of admitting defeat to the sounds around me in the mornings!
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