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About MeThis blog tells my story as a biker in London, from learning to ride to a seasoned city commuter.
Read about the lesson I learn, tips I pick, reviews of my kit and of my motorcycle adventures in and around the capital. Bonus: Although this technology is a sham for headphones, it’s being tested on a larger, 3-dimensional scale to reduce the noise of aircraft in communities near airports!
Jacob has a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and now works for a major defense contractor in sunny Florida, as an aircraft structural analyst.
Actually, speaking of earplugs, the latest thing for earbud headphone design seems to be silicone earplugs with holes to admit sound from the headphone speakers. My fiancee can’t stand those kind of earplugs, and I can’t wear them at work because I need to hear when someone sneaks up on me, but I have worn them on an airplane before and they worked pretty well! I’ve been using the Shure passive noise-cancelling headphones for years, and love them. If there was a deafening sound source, what would happen if you had a speaker cancelling it? Since sound energy is just the kinetic movement of air (caused by pressure differentials), if an equal and opposite movement of air encounters the incoming sound, the kinetic energy of each source is completely canceled by the other. And yes, due to the spherical propagation of sound waves, you would need a lot of speakers around an airport in order to make it work.
If you or your teen children participate in activities that have the potential to damage hearing, you should definitely check out EarPeace Ear Plugs.

EarPeace Ear Plugs are super easy to insert (they actually don’t go into the ear very far) and while they help buffer the noise, you can still hear clearly. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
Turn Right at Herman Street (you will see Golfers Club on the corner - we are a few shops down from them). Turn Right at Herman Street (you will see Golfers Club on the corner – we are a few shops down from them).
Not so much around town at low speeds, but as soon as I get above 40 mph it becomes more and more of a problem. To put this in perspective, British law dictates that anyone exposed to more than 85 dB in the work place, must be provided with and must wear ear protection, to prevent permanent damage. There’s a multitude of different products on the market, from cheap foam inserts to custom moulded plugs. Not at all.  Earplugs can literally be bought with the change in your pocket, and do a much better job of creating silence for your ear-holes.
Loudspeakers are set up around the airport that play the off-phase sound waves for the engine noises, and word-on-the-aerospace-street is that, after a lot of optimization, it works really well! They work really well, and the darn things only cost $20-30 for the top-of-the-line brands. I have hearing aids that I wear occasionally, but most times they don’t help enough to be worth the effort.

A jaunt on the motorway is literally quite deafening, above 60 mph I can no longer hear the engine, wind noise just overcomes everything else.
You can even get earbuds that have memory foam earpieces that fit the shape of your ear canal exactly to block out external sounds. The doctor has never really been able to determine the cause of my hearing loss, but truthfully I think it all stems from the years and years of playing trumpet in school.
They retails for $11.99 and come with a carrying case designed to attach to your key chain or bag.
I was also in marching band, and was right nest to other loud instruments daily for hours at a time.
At this price, you can get enough that you always have some handy and not too fussed if they get lost of dirty.
They work surprising well and quite markedly reduce noise, which at first gives a strange sensation of isolation when riding.
Go careful, as this isolation and reduced noise makes you inclined to ride faster than you think you’re going.
Around town I tend not to wear the plugs, as I generally don’t go fast enough to warrant them and I like to use all my senses for awareness of those on the road around me.

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