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MIGRAINE MUMBLESMost dentists are solo practitioners, meaning they operate their own business and work alone or with small staff.
At the Headache Center of Chicago (HCC) we treat root causes for pain — not just symptomatic pain. Millions of headache and migraine sufferers go through their days in severe pain without ever truly understanding why. Chronic daily headaches and debilitating migraines, as well as a host of other pain conditions ranging from face pain to chronic muscular tension are things we treat here at the Headache Center of Chicago. Electrical stimulation is one of a variety of non-invasive treatment protocols we frequently use here at the Headache Center of Chicago. At the Headache Center of Chicago we use a unique kind of rehabilitation orthotic device as part of our comprehensive treatment protocols for headaches, migraines, chronic head and neck tension, and face pain. The Neuromuscular Dentists at Headache Center of Chicago (HCC) see many patients suffering from complex pain conditions, to include: frequent headaches, chronic migraines, TMJ, tinnitus and face pain. If you suffer from chronic or painful ear ailments and you have not been able to obtain long-term relief through medication use, it’s very possible that your symptoms are related to problems with your TMJs, or Temporomandibular Joints. Although commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears”, people hear a variety of sounds such as: chirping, hissing, buzzing, roaring, whistling, clicking and more. If you have Tinnitus you are one of 50 million people in the United States that suffer from Tinnitus. One of the most common causes of Tinnitus is exposure to excessively loud sounds such  as: a rock concert, gunshot, fire cracker, explosion, etc.
The following things can make Tinnitus worse: Loud Noise, Caffeine, Nicotine, Medications, Anti-biotics, Quinine, Aspirin, and Ibuprofen.
Relaxation Techniques have been known to relieve Tinnitus by reducing the amount of stress in your life. Drugs have been used to relieve Tinnitus although there is no drug that is specifically designed to do so. Amplification (Hearing Aids), a form of Sound Therapy, can offer relief while wearing the hearing aids by amplifying the ambient environmental sounds that naturally cover the Tinnitus. ReSound, the technology leader in hearing aid solutions, has introduced a combination hearing instrument to its Alera product line. So if your ears are ringing you may have a hearing loss and should have your hearing tested.
The temporomandibular joint, or, the jaw, is the most frequently used joint in the body – it assists in chewing, swallowing, speaking, yawning, clenching, breathing, even facial expressions… the list goes on. Note: there are many other structures that assist the jaw, some of which will be mentioned throughout this article.
Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD) describes a multitude of common problems causing pain or loss of function in or around the jaw. Unfortunately, problems relating to the jaw are often circular – the factors that cause TMJD can often also be the symptoms. Massage can provide pain relief, loosen the muscles in neck and jaw, and soften trigger points, in turn helping to prevent permanent bone or cartilage damage. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Olivia Snyder has considered Philadelphia home for four years.
Tristan, our male sponsored triathlete, reviews his latest half Ironman and prepares for off-season recuperation. Facial growth problems can be categorized into eight varieties which break down to four varieties in the upper jaw (maxilla) and four in the lower jaw (mandible). All the different varieties of jaw growth problems can be observed in both children that are growing and adults after they have reached growth maturity. Besides the unattractive nature of a disproportional face, there is a functional and painful component to facial growth problems.
Each of the eight varieties of facial growth problems can, in time, cause inflammation of the Temporomandibular Joint and the subsequent painful symptoms, but a retruded lower jaw or “mandibular retrusion” in particular is notorious for causing TMD. To learn more about TMD or to schedule an appointment to discuss your symptoms, please call Dr.

Some dentists have partners and others work as associates, and there are only a few that are familiar with the treatment of migraines. If their doctor can't find anything wrong, there is a good chance that it is the result of TMJ. After awhile, many of them find that they can no longer accept the painful status quo and decide that something must be done, even though they may not really know what to do. Here at the Headache Center of Chicago we use therapeutic ultrasound to treat patients who experience chronic headaches, painful migraines, debilitating head and neck muscle tension, and other conditions.
While HCC offers therapeutic treatments for all of these painful conditions, many people suffering with chronic muscular tension of the head and neck can ALSO be helped though the latest advancements in neuromuscular dentistry. Tinnitus can be intermittent or constant-with single or multiple tones-and its perceived volume can range from subtle to shattering. Of those, 16 Million have sought medical attention for their Tinnitus; and 2-3 million people are completely disabled from it. Other causes might be head and neck trauma, ear wax build-up, ear infections, jaw misalignment (TMJ), and ototoxicity.
Zinc, magnesium, B vitamins, Gingko biloba, homeopathic remedies, anti-oxidants, and a product called Ring Stop have been known to offer relief for some people. Anti-anxiety drugs, antidepressants, antihistamines, anticonvulsants, and anesthetics have successfully quieted Tinnitus for some patients. Muscles and nerves in the jaw are closely connected to those in the ear and can interfere with the ears nerves resulting in Tinnitus.
Wearable or non-wearable devices generate sound to completely or partially cover up the Tinnitus. Come in for a hearing test and see if the Alera TSTM hearing aid will offer you relief from Tinnitus. Many of our local veterans have been provided with hearing aids from the Veteran’s Administration. It moves forward, backward, up and down, side-to-side, and the joint capsule stretches with the position of the mouth (see fig 1).
For example, tight muscles can lead to pain, causing one to clench the teeth, in turn increasing muscle tension. Olivia completed her Massage Therapy certification at Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies, where she studied a range of bodywork modalities, including Myofascial Release and Active Isolated Stretching.
For some people TMJ is a hereditary predisposition, while for others TMJ is caused by emotional upset, stress or physical injury. Jensen and his team have extensive training and experience in diagnosing and treating the root causes for jaw joint pain, including dysfunction of joints as well as abnormal bites and crowded teeth.
Jensen's philosophy is to deliver the highest quality orthodontic treatment to his patients in the most efficient and caring manner. Patients with TMD suffer from a range of symptoms including headaches, earaches, neck and jaw pain, ringing and fullness in the ear.
Each variety has a pronounced appearance that most people can recognize as unattractive and out of proportion.
Correcting the growth problem with orthodontics (braces) in the growing child will sometimes alleviate the problem, but once facial growth has been completed a combination of orthodontics and surgery of the facial bones is necessary to properly align the jaws. Facial growth problems create excessive stresses over time to the Temporomandibular Joint causing the common denominator of all joint problems – inflammation.
This variety is seen more frequently in women and presents as a lack of growth of the lower jaw and a dental occlusion in which the lower front teeth align significantly behind the upper front teeth.
Patients with facial growth problems and simultaneous TMD symptoms should seek a consultation with a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and an Orthodontist to determine the best treatment plan applicable to their particular problem. Some have years of migraine healing experience and others are completely strangers to the subject.
As mentioned earlier, the muscles that are associated with the ear are primarily innervated by the Trigeminal nerve. The Eustachian tube's secondary purpose is to rid the middle ear space of any fluid, infection or debris.

In fact, conditions such as ear pain, bruxism, and tinnitus have all been linked to problems with the TMJs.
It is important to discuss your particular Tinnitus situation with qualified health professionals such as an Audiologist, Otologist, or Otolaryngologist to make sure there are no underlying medical concerns causing the Tinnitus. Tinnitus sufferers can now find relief in a combination hearing instrument that can help in teaching the brain to ignore unwanted sounds. The TSG is used to administer sounds that make the disturbing Tinnitus noise less noticeable, drawing your attention away from it. This is a good thing as hearing loss is the #1 disability the veteran’s suffer from after serving our country. On top of that, one of the two muscles directly involved in the jaw is the masseter – the strongest muscle in the body relative to its size.
Another example, malocclusion (a dysfunctional bite) may cause excessive movement between the mandible and temporal bones, loosening the ligaments and damaging the cartilage, therefore reinforcing the misalignment bite. In addition to contributing her massage skills, Olivia works hard behind the scenes as the Marketing & Public Relations Director.
In our office, one of our main goals that drives the way we treat our patients is to achieve optimum function amongst the teeth, jaws, jaw joints, and surrounding muscles. A proportional face is considered to be an attractive face and is celebrated most frequently as that “Hollywood appearance.” Each jaw can have too little or too much growth horizontally or vertically. As discussed in earlier articles, inflammation is the origin of the headaches, earaches, neck and jaw pain, ringing (tinnitus) and feeling of a stopped up ear (fullness) associated with all types of TMD. This “plunger effect” of the lower teeth into the palate of the upper jaw significantly overloads the TMJ. Masticatory disorders (muscle pain), chronic mandibular hypo-mobility, mandibular hyper-mobility, growth disorders of the jaw (i.e.
When someone has a "bad bite" it can cause some of these muscles to spasm which can result in ear pain. Several small muscles located in the back of the throat and palate control the opening and closing of the tube.
Many have gone to Milwaukee in the past and are now going to the Audiology Clinic in Green Bay.
With the help of the Masseter, the jaw is capable of exerting 150 pounds of pressure – enough to bite off a finger! She assists with Phila Massages events, produces marketing materials, and helps in the overall business plan for the company. Not all oral health problems can be solved with brushing, flossing, fillings or extractions.
Of the three causes for TMD, facial growth problems are the least understood by patients and are therefore poorly addressed and corrected.
This will ultimately create inflammation of the joint leading to headaches, earaches, neck and jaw pain, ringing and a feeling of fullness in the ear.
Swallowing and yawning cause contraction of these muscles, and help to regulate Eustachian tube function. Some people use sound generators at night so they can listen to something other than their head noises when they are trying to fall asleep. In fact, some people suffer from more serious issues like jaw joint pain; Halifax residents for years have turned to Dr. Jensen has seen thousands of patients and toured all of Nova Scotia teaching dentists about some of the more serious jaw joint afflictions like TMJ—Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford dentists have benefited from Dr. TMJ is a serious issue, but one that has a permanent solution through techniques used in our office.

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