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Be sure to include the simple cotton ball as part of your fragrant pharmacy for issues like ear infections and Tinnitus, let me tell you why.
Kids are the most likely victim of an ear infection, in fact, 2 out of 3 colds will result in an ear infection. Insert gently into the infected ear and leave in over night to let the vapor of the oil penetrate into the ear.
Basil:  anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-biotic, anti-spasmodic, decongestant.
Insert gently into the infected ear and in leave overnight to let the vapor of the oil penetrate into the ear.
Geranium:  analgesic, anti-bacterial, can reduce symptoms of Candida, stimulates lymphatic and circulatory systems (good for drainage), astringent.
Note:  If excess ear wax is a problem, 2 drops of Basil on a cotton ball overnight in the ear can help reduce wax buildup and keep ear infections at bay. Tinnitus is described as a ringing in the ears but it can be several different sounds like clicking, whistling or buzzing. Insert gently into affected ears and leave in over night to let the vapor of the oil penetrate into the ear.
Helichrysum: Anti-inflammatory, nerve regeneration, analgesic, antifungal, aids blood circulation, reduces thrombosis. I’ve done this and I just rip off an ear-canal-sized piece of the cotton ball and stick it in the ear.
Yes it is but it will last a very long time and a good oil to have for bleeding, nerve issues and skin care. My husband had horrendously horrible ears as a kid (eardrums blew several times and had tubes), so these protocols have been a game changer for my kids.

If there’s ear pain, I put it on a cottonball and use a bandaid to hold it on overnight. Nose cancer is the 5th most common cancer in males and 10th most common cancer in female in Singapore. Screening includes a detailed history and an examination of the post nasal space which is an area at the back of the nose. Individuals with symptoms of neck lumps, nose bleed, bloodstained sputum and hearing loss should have an ENT check. The Iomet program ® (Ionic Mineral Enzymo Therapy) identifies 7 different biological fields related to environmental and dietary habits.
I put equal parts melaleuca, lavender, and basil in a roller bottle and dilute about 50% with FCO. After healing, I saw the ENT and required corticosteroid drops (kind of like hydrocortisone for deep in my ears) for the Eczema to clear up. Individuals who have family members who have nose cancer should also go for regular checks. We have between 10 and 20 000 billion, which are grouped into organs to perform a specific biological function and vital.
The prevailing imbalance of one of 7 fields is used to define the bionutritional weak link . You are my go to for essential oil info so I rely on the search to find what I need ?? Thanks for the great work you do!
At the first sign of cold, teething, or growing, they get it around the ears and down the jawline. Also I imagine cleaning hearin aides daily would also be extremely important to prevent infection, something clinics should recommend.

If someone in your family has nose cancer, you have a 15 to 20 % risk of developing the cancer.
Bionutritional Iomet Profile ® lets you view your fields in default and those in excess, depending on your lifestyle and your problems, a personalized assessment of your needs and a course tailored to your specific imbalances will be presented. I had to wipe my ears out and rub some coconut oil on the spot that hurt to take away the burning. Consequently, imbalances they suffer may be linked to our environment, our lifestyle, our food mistakes and poor assimilation of nutrients. Iomet Profile ® provides a comprehensive view of risks of disruption of the healthy balance of each. The questionnaire and its reading were developed on the basis of scientifically certified data. The results will evaluate your organisms level of risk linked to intoxication or more precisely to the lack of certain vitamins, minerals or polyunsaturated (a€zomegaa€?) fatty acids.
Infantes will evaluate and adjust the suggested therapeutic bionutritional procedure if necessary. Thanks to specific nutritional advice and intake of nutritional products, balances the deficiencies and excesses, to optimize the individual background profile.
Iomet ® tool is a detailed questionnaire, resulting in a histogram which transcribes the extent of disruption of each field.

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