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Ear wax is perfectly normal and is produced to form a protective coating over the skin in the ear canal. Sometimes though, you will need help with removing a build up of ear wax and we are qualified to do this for you quickly and safely.
It’s a simple and pain-free procedure and also enables us to take safe impressions of ears where necessary for new fittings.
Wax removal can significantly improve the sound quality of the instruments once the wax is removed and will make wearing your hearing aids comfortable once more. Book your simple and pain-free ear wax removal appointment today at either our Cambridge or Peterborough branch. This is the traditional and most common treatment for ear wax removal and was formerly known as syringing. This is a more specialised treatment which is not widely available outside hospitals so we are delighted to be able to offer it at our Cambridge, Peterborough and Saffron Walden centres.

In some cases the ear wax can be very close to the outer edge of the ear canal and it is unnecessary to use an irrigator or suction unit.
Before all wax removal treatments, it is advisable to use an olive oil spray or drops, for the week prior to appointment. Book your simple and pain-free ear wax removal appointment today at either our Cambridge or Peterborough branch below. We are a friendly local Beauty Salon based in Ely, Cambs, local to Littleport, Little Downham, Soham, Newmarket, Cambridge, Sutton, Little Thetford, Wilburton, Stretham, Witchford, but our clients travel from as far as Peterborough & Huntingdon! Ears are normally self-cleaning – the movement of your jaw whilst eating and talking helps to move the wax along the canal where it will usually fall out naturally without you noticing.
If you find you’re getting whistling or feedback from your hearing aids, this may well have been caused by a build up of ear wax, which forces the amplified sound back out of the ear. Microsuction is an alternative to irrigation and is suitable for everybody including those for whom irrigation is not an option or has proved ineffective.

With the use of a Jobson horn and Henkel forceps we can grab hold of the wax and remove it from the ear. Situated in the busy Vancouver Quarter our second Salon offers a vast choice of Beauty Treatments, plus the addition of our Tanning Suites, both Spray Tan & Sunbeds and our first floor Treatment & Cosmetic Clinic Rooms.
As the water is squirted into the ear at a controlled rate, it rinses out the wax which is collected alongside the water in a basin held under the ear.
This highly skilled procedure involves a thorough examination of the ear canal and assessment of the condition of the wax with a video otoscope. A small specular is then inserted in to the ear canal to open it up and the wax is  gently removed using a small suction device attached to the Microsuction machine.

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