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Under normal circumstances, wax in the ear provides a layer of protection against dirt, germs, and other foreign objects.
After a person applies the drops to the ear for a few days, a warm shower may be all she needs to rinse away the excess, softened ear wax. A person should keep his head upright while irrigating his ear and tug on the tip of the ear to align the ear canal.
If those methods of home ear wax removal do not get rid of the excess wax, a person may need to purchase an over-the-counter ear wax removal system, which usually consists of an ear wax remover solution and a bulb syringe. You can also use hydrogen peroxide (I recommend mixing half and half with water) or a variety of over the counter wax softening products.
I'm an ear, nose, and throat doctor serving the South Austin metro area including Kyle, San Marcos, Buda, and Lockhart.
In some cases, though, ear wax builds up, which can make hearing difficult and lead to pain in the ear. A person can use baby or mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, or glycerin to help soften and break up the excess ear wax. After irrigating, he should tilt his head to one side so that the water and any loosened wax drain away.
In some cases, home ear wax removal may not be effective at all, and a person will need to make an appointment to see her doctor.
It's extremely annoying to have one ear feel blocked and it can get really painful as well. Those ear candle things are still around and I've even seen them in legitimate drug stores, for sale at the counter, even though they don't do any good and can really harm people.

All they really do is push the wax in deeper so that it's more difficult to get out and they can end up blocking your ear.
Some kits will provide irrigating bulbs to flush out the wax- this works well for a lot of people but be careful to not flush too forcefully.
I can usually get the ears cleaned completely in one visit but in certain difficult cases with lots of thick wax packed onto the ear drum, I will usually have you use baby oil drops at bedtime for 2 weeks and then come back. If this is you, I recommend starting baby oil or other wax softening drops 2 weeks before your appointment. A wax softener should be placed in the ear canal for a few minutes to soften the wax for easy removal. Warm to room temperature water floods the ear canal and suction returns the discharge cerumen away from the ear.
If ear wax buildup is a problem, there are several methods of home ear wax removal, such as irrigation and using drops.
A doctor may use suction to get the ear wax out or use a special device designed to scoop out the wax. It is partially composed of an oily substance which is made by glands in the skin of your ear canal. Some people make very large amounts of wax or very thick wax which can block up the ears and cause problems hearing or infection. Q-tips are especially bad because they can cause part of the wax to be packed down onto the ear drum.
These are very inexpensive and you can use a dropper to put several drops in each ear at bedtime.

Afterward the ear syringe is filled with room temperature water or hydrogen peroxide and gently flushed until the wax plug is dislodge and floats out with the flushed solution. The irrigating syringe is filled with room temperature water or hydrogen peroxide and gently flushed until the wax flushes into the ear basin. The bulb syringe is filled with room temperature water or hydrogen peroxide and gently insert in the ear canal and flush with short, firm squeezes until wax plug is dislodge and washes into the container.
As long as the methods of wax removal are performed properly, they are generally safe and effective. The tip of the syringe is inserted near the ear wax and a stream of water is gently squirted at the wax. Fortunately, I managed to swing my insurance so that I can get regular checkups on my ears and that helps a lot more. The other major component of ear wax is dead skin layers which have been sloughed off from inside the ear. New patients coming to see me for ear wax cleaning can get this process started early to make things easier. If nothing else, I would get proper ear wax removal products rather than using home remedies.

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