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Thank you so much for the extremely fast free shipping to US and for the wonderful product.
You are wonderful -- efficient, merchandise well packaged, and the delivery is breathtakingly fast.
I received the parcel today and I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service that you have provided. Complete with interchangeable attenuation filters, the high frequency filters reduce general noise and the low frequency filters reduce snoring related noise.
Trying to get down to a complex report, amidst the mayhem and cacophony of raised voices in conversation and the many animated telephone conversations, the chatter keyboards and printers and whirring of coffee makers and vending machines mixed with the sounds of cars, vans and lorries outside?
Or does excessive noise at home and outside in the street with dogs barking, cars screeching, horns sounding and kids screaming drive you to distraction?
Do you need some quiet to get down to some serious revision at home, yet no one in the family seems to be able to oblige?With an NRR rating of 32, HEARTECH SILENTEAR EARPLUGS have the highest blocking capability of any earplug made in the world. HEARTECH SILENTEAR fits comfortably inside the ear to block all frequencies making these earplugs ideal for sleeping and general noise protection and particularly from those loud noise levels that exceed 110 decibels.
These could be anything from very loud snoring, very loud music, heavy lorries, trains passing nearby, a chainsaw or trimmer or even a jet taking off . HEARTECH SILENTEAR EARPLUGS are made from a non-allergenic pre-moulded silicon rubber that is filled with gel to truly take up the shape of the ear canal.
Superbly comfortable and discreet, HEARTECH SILENTEAR EARPLUGS are a great choice for daily wear in demanding environments. Do you suffer from the pressure, pain and pounding in the ear drums from altitude changes in flight or the sudden air pressure changes as trains scream through tunnels at very high speed? Do you, like almost half of the population experience the sudden and disorienting popping sensation in the ears on take off and landing which can often result in queasiness and nausea? Or do you find ordinary earplugs just too uncomfortable or painful to wear for long periods of time?

The HEARTECH FLITEMATE is possibly one of the worlds most advanced travel earplugs, an essential travel companion for anyone who flies or travels by coach or fast train.Made from totally inert and non toxic silicon, with its pressure equalising feature, the HEARTECH FLITEMATE EARPLUG is designed to prevent the ear pain and discomfort caused by rapid atmospheric changes during aircraft take off and landing or by high-speed trains passing through tunnels. The Pressure Equalisation works with the hollow section that goes into the ear acting as a shock absorber. This reduces the pressure and pain in the ears and reduces nausea during altitude changes as a result of the fast and effective Pressure Equalisation.
In addition, HEARTECH FLITEMATE EARPLUGS are breathable, designed to remain comfortable in the ear for hours at a time on very long journeys. EVER BEEN TO A CONFERENCE, THE THEATRE OR ATTENDED LECTURES OR AFTER DINNER SPEECHES WHERE YOU'VE HARDLY HEARD A WORD?
Compact, stylish, discreet and lightweight, EAR ZOOM provides your ear with High Definition Hearing (HDH).
Use when you don't want to miss any word of a play, comedy show, speech, lecture, presentation or meeting.
If there is excess of wax build up, ear rinsing may be necessary to soften, loosen & wash it out. Directions: This product is intended for use on adults and children over 12 years of age only. Tilt head sideways and place 10 drops into each ear canal by squeezing the plastic dropper bottle. Remove ear plugs and attach the special drainage collection cup to the canister to avoid the rinse solution dripping out of your ear. Flush ears with NeilMed ClearCanal Spray for 10 seconds or as desired to achieve adequate flushing. On rare instances, individuals might experience pressure in the ears, If this occurs, stop rinsing. A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows consumers to deduct pre-tax dollars from their paychecks and deposit those funds in employer-sponsored accounts to pay for medical expenses.

Kyrosol uses a glycerin-based, wax solving solution and was developed to dissolve and flush out hard, dry or impacted wax buildups. I buy Solgar and Lancome products from them and have always delivered to me very quickly - and its free delivery. I was not sure that it would be here before my birthday, so I wrote to them, and they answered that they would do what was possible to make the shipping go fast.
A tiny hole at the entrance of the earplug allows only a small amount of air into the chamber of the earplugs and the very small hole into the ear slows the flow of air in and out of the ear thus lessening the air pressure difference between the exterior and interior ear, whilst allowing the ear to breathe. With an average NRR (Noise Reduction Rate) of 22dB and its non linear effect, the HEARTECH FLITEMATE EARPLUGS filters out background noises up to 115dB whilst allowing you to still hear people talking to you, alarms and phones making travelling so much less stressful - quieter , relaxing and so much more comfortable.
Ordinary earplugs that are not breathable sweat and stop air getting into the ears, starving the ears of oxygen and can be quite painful and possibly even dangerous. No rolling with dirty fingers, just simply hold by the tail and slowly insert into the outer ear canal without the need to apply any force. Syringe feature allows user to control the flow for maximum comfort during the rinsing process. It recognizes credit card numbers and correctly switches to 'Visa' or 'MasterCard' automatically, etc. EAR ZOOM WITH IT'S ADVANCED MICROELECTRONICS CAN CAPTURE SOUNDS CLEARLY UP TO 30 METRES AWAY AND AMPLIFIES THEM UP TO 60 DECIBELS FOR SHARPER CLEARER HIGH DEFINITION HEARING (HDH) !

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