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Earwax (also spelled ear wax), medically referred to as cerumen, is produced by glands in the outer ear canal.
Blockage, or impaction of earwax occurs when the wax gets pushed deep within the ear canal or fills the width of the canal. Read What Your Physician is Reading on Medscape Cerumen Impaction Removal »Removal of cerumen (wax) from the ear is a significant amount of the workload of an otolaryngologist and is, therefore, an essential skill to master. Safer and more effective than cotton swabs, this easy-to-use kit gently rinses away ear wax, a common cause of hearing loss.

Neilmed Clearcanal Ear Wax Removal KitEar Wax Is Important In Preventing Dirt And Bacteria From Causing Hearing Problems. Its purpose is to trap dust and other small particles and prevent them from reaching and potentially damaging the eardrum. If There Is An Excess Of Wax Build Up, Ear Rinsing May Be Necessary To Soften, Loosen And Wash It Out. This unique design has been created by a US doctor and is fully recommended over standard curettes.

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