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We’re about to set off on a family vacation in two weeks and letting our 4 and 6 year old take their electronic handheld devices. The Crayola MyPhones Earbuds and Headphones are available now from Target and Griffin Technology’s website . If you use an iPod touch (like I do), Crayola and Griffin Technology also have Crayola Classic Cases for iPods ($24.99). Earbuds will probably never be your main headphones, but that doesna€™t mean they dona€™t have their placea€”any time you want to travel light, work out, or simply keep a low profile while listening. Fact: Barring revolutionary new headphone technology, no earbuds are going to replace your noise-canceling over-ear headphones.
Fitness earbuds are everywhere (youa€™ll find several in this round-up alone), but thata€™s because therea€™s no perfect universal solutiona€”everybody is different, and everybody works out differently. Ia€™m skeptical of tech products marketed specifically to women, but earbuds are a slightly different story because womena€™s ears are typically smaller than mena€™s. Most wireless Bluetooth earbuds arena€™t truly wireless: While therea€™s no wire connecting them to your phone, therea€™s still a wire connecting the buds to each other.
Phaz Music, the company that brought us the gimmicky (and ultimately underwhelming) phone-charging headphones, is back with a pair of digital earbuds that just may be worth your money.
Skullcandy is best known as a lifestyle audio brand, so ita€™s no surprise that the company is taking its popular wired Smokina€™ Buds 2 earbuds into Bluetooth territory. Ita€™s obvious where Jaybirda€™s Freedom earbuds got their name: These tiny wireless Bluetooth earbuds are so lightweight that youa€™ll (almost) feel like youa€™re completely free from wires altogether. Earbuds dona€™t usually feature excellent bass, because ita€™s practically impossible to do so with tiny, earbud-sized drivers.
Skullcandy claims its XTfree earbuds are the lightest wireless Bluetooth earbuds on the market, though they admit that they dona€™t know what will be launching at the show this year.
JBL and fitness-apparel company Under Armour have teamed up to introduce a pair of sleek wireless heart-rate-monitoring earbuds. Ia€™ve seen a few different a€?truly wirelessa€™ Bluetooth earbuds at the show this year, but Kanoaa€™s wireless earbuds are definitely the sexiest. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
Nothing ruins a pre-run pump-up session like reaching for your earphones and finding that they’re a tangled-up hot mess.
Using bluetooth technology, Alto pairs with up to eight devices and maintains an impressive wireless range of up to 33 feet.
Clarissa Wei is a Los Angeles-based writer who knows a lot about Asian food and the hidden gems of her city. Since they tend to keep upping the volume, we decided to get headphones so we don’t disturb other travelers (at least with loud games).
Both of these cases are for the 4th Generation iPod Touch ONLY (not the iPhone or older generations).
If youa€™re still using the free Apple EarPods you received with your last iPhone, ita€™s time to step up your game.Earbud tech is booming at CES this year, and buds are ultra-customizable (everything from audio profile to ear-tip size, shape, and material) and tailored to just about any situation.
But JBLa€™s Everest 100 Elite earbuds, which hit shelves this spring for a retail price of $200, come pretty close.JBL says the Everest 100 Elites are the only Bluetooth wireless earbuds with a€?NXTGen Noise Cancelling technology,a€™ which combines active noise cancellation with the ability to control the amount of ambient noise that seeps in.

Still, Urbanearsa€™ new sweat-resistant Reimers earbuds are both fashionable and functional, with several little features that make them stand out.Like many fitness headphones, the Reimers have a reflective cable for those who like to walk, run, or cycle outside at night. But Vervea€™s VerveOnes (and their slightly jazzier counterparts, the VerveOnes+) are truly wirelessa€”each bud is its own individual entity. The iB80a€™s connecting wire is seamlessly integrated into a flexible, rubberized neckband that gives you fit stability without the rigidness of a plastic neckpiece. The new wireless earbudsa€”not-so-creatively dubbed the Smokina€™ Buds 2 Wirelessa€”feature the same off-axis fit technology as their wired predecessors, with angled, oval-shaped tips that allow for a more secure (and thus, more noise-isolating) fit.Because the Smokina€™ Buds 2 Wireless are designed to be worn all day longa€”even when youa€™re not actively listening to musica€”Skullcandy has included a removable neckband (a a€?flex-collara€™) for when you want the buds to hang securely around your neck.
The Freedoms pack big sound into such a tiny package, with 6mm drivers (in a special step-down design) and integration with a special app that lets you tweak the earbudsa€™ audio profile and save said profile to the buds themselves (instead of just to your audio device, like a typical equalizer app).Like other Jaybird earbuds, the Freedoms are fitness-oriented, with Comply memory foam ear-tips, flexible mesh ear-fins, and a sweat-proof design. But Audio-Technicaa€™s Solid Bass line does a decent job of bumping up your bass line thanks to larger, dual phase push-pull drivers.The ATH-CKS1100iS earbuds arena€™t particularly fashion-forward, but they do have some little touches that audiophiles on-the-go will appreciate, such as separate star-quad cables for the left and right buds.
These fitness-focused wireless earbuds weigh just 16 grams and are designed to withstand a rigorous workout. The JBL UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate are the first wireless earbuds with heart-rate-monitoring built-in, which means theya€™re likely to be a hit. These pentagon-shaped buds only get six hours of battery life, but theya€™re so much smaller, lighter, and more comfortable than their competitors that I can safely say the trade-off is worth it. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. It’s equipped with a rechargable battery meant to last three years, with a capacity of eight hours of playtime. To get your hands on sweet cordless freedom, the company is currently taking pre-orders for $79. She lives in the San Gabriel Valley, and you can find her making dumplings from scratch or hiking the local mountains. Preteens will love the look of the earbuds and that they store right in the crayon shaped case that is included. We like that they look just like a Crayola crayon wrapper, but these protective cases are tough enough to protect your expensive technology.  It protects the edges, corners, and back of your iPod, and still lets you access your device completely. You dona€™t necessarily need different earbuds for a high-intensity CrossFit workout versus a midnight jog, but we found buds for both of those situations on the show floor. In other words, the Everest 100 Elites actively filter out all ambient sounds unless you want to be aware of your surroundings. But instead of just a single reflective stripe, the Reimersa€™ cable has a cool-looking crisscross design thata€™s both eye-catching and safety-focused.
Because your mobile devicea€™s DAC may not (read: is not) very good, even stellar headphones will sound limited when youa€™re listening on your smartphone. The neckband is flexible enough to be folded into a ball and tossed in your gym bag (the iB80s are also IPX3-certified, which means theya€™re sweat- and water-resistant, but not waterproof). The neckband adds stability to the buds and prevents wire-tugging, but can be removed if you prefer less weight.
They only get four hours of battery life, but they come with a slim charging clip that can be attached for an additional four hours of battery life. These earbuds, which are available now for $200, have dual 12.5mm drivers, are certified for high-res audio, and have an impressive (and possibly exaggerated) frequency response of 5- to 40,000Hz.

The XTfrees are not only sweat-resistant, the ear-tips are actually made of a special sticky gel that gets 30-percent stickier (and therefore more stable) when exposed to sweat.
A rep from SMS Audio told me that the wire on their BioSport earbuds was the only deal breaker for many consumers.The JBL UA earbuds also benefit from JBLa€™s ownership of Yurbuds. The Decibullza€™ earpieces come in seven colors (black, red, blue, orange, green, light blue, purple, and brown) and can be infinitely re-molded to better fit your ears.
Theya€™re also IP67-certified, which means theya€™re completely dust-proof and waterproof up to one meter for 30 minutes.The Kanoa earbuds come with a portable protective charging case and three sets of silicon ear-tips, three sets of silicon jackets, and one set of memory foam ear-tips.
Imagine the possibilities: silent dance dance parties and running without cords in your face. Of course, some bullet earbuds will fit in your ears better than others, but for the most part, you can promote your ammo of choice.Wearing your bullet earbuds shows the world how much you love hunting and shooting, and lets you enjoy your music at the same time.So grab one of those extra pairs you have lying around the house and turn them into an awesome pair of bullet earbuds! They’ve got built-in a sound-control circuit that tops volume levels at 85 decibels or lower, which is recommended by many auditory health organizations. These earbudsa€™ wires arena€™t a€?tangle-free,a€™ but they do have handy double clips for winding and managing the cable (or clipping it to your clothing during a rigorous workout). Both lines come with five different-sized smaller ear-tips, which is impressive right off the bata€”most earbuds come with three, while some cheaper models come with twoa€”to ensure that smaller-eared customers will be able to find a perfect fit.
The VerveOnes+ are IP57-certified, which means theya€™re dust-resistant and waterproof up to one meter for 30 minutes.
But if a pair of headphones bypasses the 3.5mm jacka€”by plugging directly into the device via the microUSB port or the Lightning port-then those headphones are free to use their own DAC to convert your music. These earbuds feature an over-ear loop design, an inline remote (on the right bud), and six-hour battery life. The Smokina€™ Buds 2 Wireless are available now for $60, which is twice the cost of the original Smokina€™ Buds 2, but still significantly lower than what youa€™ll pay for most wireless earbuds.
The ear-tips on the JBL UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate earbuds are very similar to Yurbudsa€™ patented twist-lock ear-tips, which make absolutely no logical sense but stay in place like nobodya€™s business.
The wireless earbuds will be available in February or March of this year, and will retail for $129. Crayola lets kids design their own look by including sticker sheets (even a page of blank stickers) and three fine line markers. Both styles will hit shelves this April; the VerveOnes for $249 and the VerveOnes+ for $299. Thata€™s what the Phaz Digital EarBuds do, via a microUSB plug (and a corresponding Lightning port adapter). These earbuds get six hours of battery life (the battery is in the buds, not anchored on the cable) and are available now for $100.

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