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PLEASE COPY THE CORRESPONDING SKU NUMBER BELOW THEN CLICK HERE TO CHECK PRICE AND AVAILABILITY. It was totally tangled up and I had to go to the doctor and have them cut it out.I've just realized that it has happened AGAIN, only on my second hole this time! I am sorry, but I am bookmarking this story to use in class next time someone tells me that gauged ears always shrink back.

I'm weird and can't stand to keep earrings in when I'm sleeping, so mine come out every day.
This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. I had surgery in February so they were out for a while, and I just now put studs in the second hole, and pushed the backs tightly on there so they wouldn't fall off (I'm paranoid) A few weeks later I'm trying to turn them and it's SO painful on the left side, and I have DH look and it's in there.

We tried pulling it a little, our next step is putting a warm wet cloth on it or showering to try and get my skin more pliable.

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