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A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows consumers to deduct pre-tax dollars from their paychecks and deposit those funds in employer-sponsored accounts to pay for medical expenses. We’ve added new styles to our line of 14k gold replacement earring backs in yellow and white gold! If you are among the many of us who are constantly losing their earring backs, then I have ‘high hopes’ that this informative blog will have much needed help for you! A variation of push-on earring backs protects the post from scratching the skin by surrounding the earring back with a silicon shield. La Pousette and Protektor are versions of ‘locking’ earring backs that are a recommended (but more expensive) way to secure your ‘better’ smooth-post earrings. In summation, although there is a wide variety of earring backs on the market,friction post earrings need to be worn with friction backs, and threaded post earrings need to be worn with the appropriate threaded-type backs for a snug, secure fit.

30% Off September 14k Gold Genuine Sapphire Birthstone Earrings & Necklaces + Free Shipping! 30% OFF August 14k Gold Genuine Peridot Birthstone Earrings & Necklaces + Free Shipping! Hypo-allergenic pierced ear sleeve slides over most pierced earring posts & wires to prevent metal from coming in contact with ear to eliminate irritation from metal allergies. Earring DetailsPlease note: All of our earring sets are sold in pairs and come with "butterfly" backs that match the color of the base metal (gold or silver). The holes in most friction earring backs will fit most friction posts because 14k Gold and Sterling Silver are pliable metals. These backs are manufactured specifically for threaded posts and will not work on smooth (friction) posts.

These backs are often referred to as clutches, nuts, stoppers, push-backs, butterflies, locking-backs or simply earring backs. Smooth post (sometimes referred to as friction post) earrings need standard friction backs which come in a variety of body sizes and are suitable for most friction posts.  A small hole in the center of the backing allows the earring post to be inserted through the backing. Although not as secure as some other backs, these are the easiest, most comfortable and affordable earring backs to wear. The notches at the end of most posts add an additional boundary to prevent your earrings from falling off.

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