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I ended up making about a hundred of them whilst I was on the phone to one of my best friends having a catch up! Now I'm just waiting for the rubber earring backs that I've ordered from Ebay & then I can put all my earrings on to their own display holders! I recently showed you how I made stud earrings for myself in this post. I realized after making them though, that I had no place to keep them where I could see them and also I did not want to misplace them.

Get THICK card stock that is reversible and cut to size (use the paper the frame comes with as a template). With a safety pin (or if you have a fancy small tiny hole punch) poke holes where you want to place them. If you get bored with the look of one side no worries your card stock is reversible rememeber?

I'm Charis, a 30-something venue manager, creative chameleon, mess maker, armchair activist, hearing aid wearer, believer in magic with a newly discovered love of fashion.

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