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Rising Dragon Enterprises Ltd is a registered company in England & Wales company number 3921197. We recommend Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or upgrade to a newer version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. These jewelry displays give you freedom to organize a necklace or earring collection in a customer-friendly way. Boutiques - Many fancy boutiques use these jewelry displays and stands to display the finest pieces in their collections to attract customers. Jewelry fixtures can be used in a variety of locations for showcasing an earring or necklace collection. Spinner Racks - Spinning countertop displays make it simple for necklaces and bracelets to be viewed from any angle, and is a space conservative.

Acrylic Displays - These forms are shaped like a neck, so necklaces can be showcased on their own. In addition to necklace holders, we also offer a wide selection of store fixtures and display cases to complement any retail presentation. These stands are a great opportunity to display prominent pieces where passersby will be sure to notice them. Place items buy the counter or checkout area to increase the chances of getting point of purchase sales. Many people will have parties and get-togethers centered around the sale of jewelry, and is a growingly popular side job for many women and men.
Jewelry boxes will help you create an sorted yet eye-catching presentation highlight an earring collection or necklace products.

Use these supplies that are suitable to display either the finest pieces or simple homemade rings or bracelets.
These stands can easily fit into any car or van to be taken on the road and used at these parties.
With a wide variety of displays available, pick the ideal display to showcase the collection that you’re selling.

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